Saturday, September 16, 2006

Today i found these nice site from, this is a cool idea on promoting your sites through out the world using pixel art ;) hmm... more sound like :P

Anyway, i've signed up one for my blog there :) but, i decided to put it in my country, which is Indonesia :) and there hasn't been a single one for Indonesia :P

So hopefully i'll be the first for Indonesia :P

And to be able to add yours into the map, you have 2 options, 1st you pay for it in an instant, or 2nd you hafta to generate clicks, somethin' kinda visits per click ;) and i'm choosing the 2nd instead :P

So people, just click the link below ;) Needs 150 clicks .... for zlythern to appear in the :P hehe..

Internet Map

Have a nice weekend everybody :)

[source: via]


teddY said...

Sounds cool! Anyway, one click won't hurt. So I clicked it. Found your blog!!! All the block models looked like those from the Habbo hotel game (a Singapore onlie game). Haha =)

But I like the simple and cute graphics. Take care!

lunaticgal said...

i also want! wat is that?!?!?!?!?
150 clicks? :( hard for me
but then... u got one from me :D

Efendi said...

@teddY: yeah, it looks a bit like Habbo's :P but well, i think all the pixel art is almost the same each other :P thx for the click ;)

@lunee: thank you girl ^^

well so far, we already have 12 clicks ! for zlythern ^^

just another 138 clicks more ^^

go go go .... ^^

Cat said...

it sounds interesting.
i'll try to make one for myself
to see what my country looks like. click~^__^~

Efendi said...

@Cat: yup, it's interesting :) hope you can made it yerself ;)

as for now, it's already 14 clicks ^^

way to go .... ^^

Jamie said...

*clicks the link*

Hey there, thanks for the comment, you've got a sweet looking site yourself ^^

Good luck with the map!

Efendi said...

hello jamie :)

your welcome ;) and nice to see you drop by here :) and clickin' the map :P and thanks for the compliment :)

be sure to drop by here again ok ;)

so far it's growin' to 16 clicks today ^^

yeah ! go go go ... ^^

Cat said...

come again to click more for you.:P

Efendi said...

@cat: why thank you so muuuuccchhh ^^

and my thx to everybody who clicked it also ^^

your generousity has brought up to 26 clicks ^^ yay ^^

way to go ..... ^^

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