GROW nano vol. 3

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm a little surprised when i found out that i haven't been blogging about Eyezmaze's GROW !! How can i not share this one with you guys and gurls ?!

GROW originally was in Japanese, but the game was very popular so that the maker is kind enough to made an English site ^^

GROW is a series of puzzle game type. A unique one i might say :D It's a puzzle which is simple to play and hard to beat ! And have multiple solutios ! That's the kind of puzzle that makes you come back and play again :D

Yesterday, after a long wait, they launch a simple Grow nano vol.3 ^^ Seems the author is sick for this time, so i wish the best for him, hopefully he will get better soon :)

(click the image to play)

This GROW nano vol.3 is an easy one ;)

And after you get some clue of how to play, you can try the other series which can be more challenging ;D
Enjoy the game ^^


Anonymous said...

can you say the answers to grow nano v3 i cant get it right :C

Efendi said...

Hi there ^^

Welcome to zlythern :)

Well, if you really have to know the answers, I can't really write it down here :P

Don't want to spoil everybody :P


If you really want to know, then check this one out ;)

You'll find more than one solutions on the comment area ;)

Enjoy ^^

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