Singapore MRT/LRT Map Now and Future

Monday, January 28, 2008

Singapore's Train systems, the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and LRT (Light Rapid Transit) are one of the most admirable things in Singapore :D

You can pretty much go anywhere in Singapore just by using MRT, well, mind the pretty much word ;)

The MRT as quoted from wikipedia:

Is a rapid transit system that forms the backbone of the railway system in Singapore, spanning the entire city-state. The initial section of the MRT, between Yio Chu Kang and Toa Payoh, opened in 1987 establishing itself as the second-oldest metro system in Southeast Asia, after Manila's LRT System. The network has since grown rapidly as a result of Singapore's aim of developing a comprehensive rail network as the main backbone of the public transport system in Singapore with an average daily ridership of 1.435 million in FY06/07, though it pales in comparison to the bus network's 2.853 million in the same period.

The current MRT/LRT Map is as follow, currently there's 3 major line: the East West Line (EW), the North South Line (NS), and the North East Line (NE), and also 3 small LRT: Bukit Panjang (BP), Sengkang (SK), and Punggol (PG).

Singapore MRT LRT Map - zlythern
(click to see bigger/full map picture)

Right now, there's a construction of another line to be added, so called, Circle Line (CC). This one i'm aware of, but to my surprise, apparently we will have more line, the Downtown Line (DT), North Shore Line (SH) which is unconfirmed, and also one more LRT: Jurong Region LRT (JR).

Singapore MRT LRT Map Future Circle and Downtown Line - zlythern(click to see bigger/full map picture)

And today, i found out via that we have another Future MRT/LRT Map. The new future plan, includes the latest announced route by Transport Minister Raymond Lim on 26 Janurary 2008. There'll be more and more line !!

(click to see bigger/full map picture)

An additional 2 lines: the Thomson Line (TSL) and Eastern Region Line (ERL).

If this was to be done in the next couple of years, then traveling here in Singapore, will be much more efficient, fast, and fun ^^

You see, up until now, i haven't visited all those stations one by one :P even though Singapore is a very small island, and i've been here for more than 6 months now :P

Anyway this Singapore's Future MRT/LRT Map sure is one complicated things :P But it's amazing to see the government are actually planning this thing nicely ^^

[via: Lester Chan]

Browser History Timeline

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eric Meyer made a nice Browser History Timeline :)

Simplicity at it's best :) Nice... and all this structured time was done using a table ;)

Information is decent enough, just hover the time versions, and you'll know the month :) Actually if you're good enough, you can guess what month it is by looking at the year timeline :P

This one sure is far more better then this boring looking one :P

If you wanted a really detailed history of browsers, then, as always, quirksmode is the place to find everything about web ;)

Human Anatomy Online

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Human Anatomy Online - zlythern brought us a great site of Human Anatomy Online :) What really catch me is their motto.

To provide high quality educational content through low bandwidth Internet access to children, parents and schools worldwide.

You see that 'low bandwidth' thing ? Now that is just perfect :D Well, on a technical side, it's AJAX :D It's those thing that whenever you click something, the page is not being refreshed yet the content is updated ;)

To begin with, Human Anatomy Online have a comprehensive databases from my point of view, since i'm not a doctor or somethin' :P At least i found it that it may have hundreds of graphics, and thousands of descriptive links.

You will have 10 selections to begin with :)

After you click for example, the Skeletal section, then you will see the detail structure of the Skeletal. And to use this Human Anatomy Online tool, it's simple ;) All you have to do is point and click :D

There are dots that mark places, as you can see in the picture below, if you point to one of the dots, the definitions will show up just like a tooltip. And if you're interested in finding out what the heck is this Coracohumeral Ligament thing is ? Then just click it, and the description will be shown to you on the left area ;) All this was done without the page being refreshed ! VERY NICE !

Human Anatomy Online - zlythern
On the right area, there are a quick list of reference if you know what you're looking for, but does not know where it is on the body :P If you point to the one that have a magnifying glass icon on it and examine carefully, each time you point to it, all the other dots will be disappeared, leaving only one dot, one animated dot, yes, animated, which makes it easy to find ;)

Overall, this Human Anatomy Online is a fun, interactive, and an ideal reference site for students or those who just want to know more about the medical descriptions used by doctors ;)

Give it a try, at least you have a glimpse of how it feels to be a doctor ;P

Oh, by the way, there's some Animation and Tutorials too ;) See if you can find it :D

Blogging = Dangers !

Friday, January 11, 2008

Apparently one can die when blogging :|

Blogging = Dangers - zlythern(image source: the brilliant xkcd)

Have a nice weekend everybody ^^

Don't do anything dangerous ! ;)

How Well Do You Know Your World

Thursday, January 03, 2008

TravelPod's Traveler IQ Challenge How Well Do You Know Your World - zlythern made a very nice game called Traveler IQ Challenge. It's about How Well Do You Know Your World.

This nice game is very easy to play, but hard to beat ;) You will be given a city name, and you have to click on the whereabout is the city's location.

Traveler IQ Challenge UI - zlythern
There are total of 12 Levels to complete. The interface is very simple to understand. Although there are some area you need to pay attention too ;)

  • The city name will appear on middle-top, with a background of red bar running across indicating the time left for you to click the city's location on the map. The red bar is synchronized with the Time left on the right (see the yellow arrow)
  • There are a minimum score requirement to advanced to the next level. You can see it on the upper right corner, titled Score to advance.
  • After you click on somewhere around the world, there'll be a Red Flag which indicate what you clicked. The correct area are shown with the Green Flag. And there's a detailed information of how far you clicked from the correct place, and how much time you need to dig all those Geography lessons back in elementary school :P And after several attempts, i got a You rock! Nice job :P
  • But then again, be aware, the time is still ticking ! You see the Next button there ? It has the same Red bar which is running. So, unless you hit the Pause button, after the time runs out, you'll be taken right to the next place. If you wanted to have some time remembering the place, feel free to hit the Pause button ;) Or, if you're a genius, hit the Next button immediately to bring you to another place :D
  • If you really really really care, then try to remember some description of the city in the very bottom of the map :P

And apparently i'm not even half way to beat the game :P Only 5 out of 12 :P

My score - zlythern
But this is considered "Pretty good! Someone paid attention during geography class. Your traveler IQ: 87". According to the game ;P

Another plus point for this game is that it allows you to embed it to any page ;) You can find the code here (on the bottom right below the game screen).

Also with the hype of Facebook thing, it's as easy as the game to add it to your profile page :) just click ;)

The advantage of installing this Traveler IQ Challenge app on Facebook ?
  • Save your high scores
  • Compete against your friends
  • Create your own challenges
  • Play 1,000's of challenges created by other people
So, what are you waiting for ;) Either play/embed it or install it on your Facebook, let's just have the knowledge and the fun ^^

Happy New Year 2008

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year
(image source: savagechickens)

A quick post, wishing everybody a


May this year filled with





good health


and joy

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