Singapore MRT/LRT Map Now and Future

Monday, January 28, 2008

Singapore's Train systems, the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and LRT (Light Rapid Transit) are one of the most admirable things in Singapore :D

You can pretty much go anywhere in Singapore just by using MRT, well, mind the pretty much word ;)

The MRT as quoted from wikipedia:

Is a rapid transit system that forms the backbone of the railway system in Singapore, spanning the entire city-state. The initial section of the MRT, between Yio Chu Kang and Toa Payoh, opened in 1987 establishing itself as the second-oldest metro system in Southeast Asia, after Manila's LRT System. The network has since grown rapidly as a result of Singapore's aim of developing a comprehensive rail network as the main backbone of the public transport system in Singapore with an average daily ridership of 1.435 million in FY06/07, though it pales in comparison to the bus network's 2.853 million in the same period.

The current MRT/LRT Map is as follow, currently there's 3 major line: the East West Line (EW), the North South Line (NS), and the North East Line (NE), and also 3 small LRT: Bukit Panjang (BP), Sengkang (SK), and Punggol (PG).

Singapore MRT LRT Map - zlythern
(click to see bigger/full map picture)

Right now, there's a construction of another line to be added, so called, Circle Line (CC). This one i'm aware of, but to my surprise, apparently we will have more line, the Downtown Line (DT), North Shore Line (SH) which is unconfirmed, and also one more LRT: Jurong Region LRT (JR).

Singapore MRT LRT Map Future Circle and Downtown Line - zlythern(click to see bigger/full map picture)

And today, i found out via that we have another Future MRT/LRT Map. The new future plan, includes the latest announced route by Transport Minister Raymond Lim on 26 Janurary 2008. There'll be more and more line !!

(click to see bigger/full map picture)

An additional 2 lines: the Thomson Line (TSL) and Eastern Region Line (ERL).

If this was to be done in the next couple of years, then traveling here in Singapore, will be much more efficient, fast, and fun ^^

You see, up until now, i haven't visited all those stations one by one :P even though Singapore is a very small island, and i've been here for more than 6 months now :P

Anyway this Singapore's Future MRT/LRT Map sure is one complicated things :P But it's amazing to see the government are actually planning this thing nicely ^^

[via: Lester Chan]


teddY said...

Woah, another two new lines! That's scary! I mean, Singapore's rail network is already very expanded, and they're still vying for more lines, lol :) thanks for the images, they're informative! The current MRT map is so different than the proposed ones!

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