EQ in Taiwan

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Due to the big Earthquake in Taiwan, some area in Asia have been severely disrupted in terms of internet connection.

And here in Indonesia, we have the most terrible impact of the incident, for us IT people mostly ! Coz according to local source, we are not connected directly to tier-1 of the international backbone. And it may take weeks, and maybe months till we can get to normal internet activity again. So far we can only accessed local websites. And have a hard time to access outside. But luckily today at this time, i was able to post ^^ Maybe it wont take months to become normal again :)

And i just found out that my dear Cat is fine ^^ thanks God. And to all the people in Taiwan especially those in the southern area where the EQ hits, i feel sorry about this disaster. Let us hope that the repairment will be fixed as soon as possible.

So let us pray that we'll get through all of this on the coming year.

God Bless all of us.

p.s: maybe my blogging routine will be on a hiatus due to this. sorry everybody.

Being Five Sure is Fun

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays to Everybody ^^
Have a Merry Christmas
May the Spirit be with you
And All the Joy Overflow :)

(click to see the big picture)

All images are courtesy of George Sfarnas :)

Being Five sure is fun ;)
. Tagometer Widget

Thursday, December 21, 2006

deusx posted a new and fun widget for inviting readers to bookmark your page on ^^

This is a great addition to !

Visitors can click on the count to see more detail on who bookmarked your page, when they did it, and how they tagged it. The list of tags shows visitors why your page is interesting, and clicking on a tag takes them to similar sites on

Currently they offer us 2 nice badges, a TALL Badge and a One Line Badge :)

This widget claims to includes an up-to-date count of others who've already bookmarked the page, as well as a fresh list of the top tags applied.

Here's mine ^^

Cool eh ? ;) Have it yourself then !

Update: I don't know what happened when i inserted the scripts, the displays was kinda messed up, it gives a blank space almost like 20 lines *weird* so i took it off at the moment

Kudos to ^^

Make This The Biggest World Greeting Chain!


Orli Yakuel the beautifull lady who managed Go2Web2 (a must read), sent me a message about this Mixmas thing, that she also covered on her blog.

Design a cool character of yourself, write a greeting, and send it to your friends. In no-time you'll be able to see how the chain grows. No registration required!

Create Your Own Character

There's quite a lot of option, stuff, accesories which you can add to your character :) this is nice ;) and most of all, the important thing is, IT'S FLASH ^^ yay ^^ long live flash :)

But hey ! What's with mine ? I got placed so small ! Darn :(

Well, anyway, Happy Holidays, and as Orli says:

Spread the word and help make this the biggest World Greeting Chain!

Expensive Bible Software?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Through this website I provide Bible software for Windows on a single CD for no charge. Why free? I'm a software engineer by day and at night I build professional grade software for the Christian community. No staff to pay, no advertising budget, no expensive office space. Just great Bible software that's always improving.

Is there anything sweeter than these ? ;)

- 43 Bibles, 1,750,000 References, 250,000 Commentaries
- Easy to Use
- Fast Search Engine
- Customizable
- Easy Navigation

Note: requires .NET Framework 2, MSXML ? (i forget) i know this when i installed it at my home PC :P


WTHell Happened ?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What the hell happened to GOOGLE READER ????!!!
It gives me BLANK DISPLAY !
I can't read my feeds !
For this whole day !
And i got all of my feeds there !
Every 1 hour i tried to get there !
But dead end !
Is it only me ?
Did anybody experience the same ?
Is it my network administrator ?
Found nothing weird on their blog.
Hope tommorrow will be fine.

And Dota-Allstars Forum is on maintenance too :(

*sigh* what day :|

Did You Hunt For A Tree Yet ?

It's less than a week till Christmas ! Did you already hunting for some tree ? If you havent got one, or maybe havent got the money to buy a real one (like me :P) then we can still have a beautifull tree like this one ;)

Now you can have that tree either in your web page, or in your desktop ! Isnt that a good news ?! ;) Or maybe have 'em both on your web page and your desktop ;)

This beautiful tree was brought to you by SpringWidgets ;) This widget makers are really nice, since you can customize your widget and currently you can embed it in 6 different places, including MySpace, HTML, Blogger, Friendster, Hi5, Xanga, and even in your inbox ;)

And as for the desktop version you're gonna hafta download the SpringWidget Engine ;)
Once you have downloaded our widget platform(click the "Download" button on this page), you will be able to spring widgets to your desktop using a single click. Just look for the little green widget icons on web pages - any time you find one, just click it. If your platform is running, that widget will "spring" ready to use to your desktop!
Nice eh ?! ;)

So let's put the tree ^^

Rock-Papper-Scissors MADNESS

Rock-Papper-Scissors, who in the world does not know this game ? I think this is one of the game that can be played anywhere in the world :)

It is also known by many other names such as Rochambeau, Paper Scissors Stone/Rock (UK), Ching Chong Cha (South Africa) , Jiandao Shítou Bu (China), Janken (Japan) and Piedra, papel o tijera (Spanish). [wikipedia]

But there are someone push it off the limit !

I mean the usual RPS (Rock-Paper-Sciccors) is consisted in three elements (of course). But David C. Lovelace, made an incredible variation to the RPS.

First take a look at his suggested version of RPS-7, which consisted of 7 elements, which make the RPS more fun :)

With, that each element can beat the other three, so in example :
- ROCK pounds out FIRE, and crushes SCISSORS & SPONGE
- and so on.

This sure looks fun to play eh ;) I'm gonna tell my gurl and my friends bout this :) And maybe you can spend the whole christmas playing this while opening the gifts ;)

But David take it even further ! Just take a look at these ! Boy, i think i will never be able to play the last one ! It's MADNESS :P (click to see the big picture)


For more detailed instruction, feel free to learn it from David's RPS himself :)

Enjoy ^^

[source: via panchorama]


CMS in a Single File

Monday, December 18, 2006

Almost two weeks ago Solucija released sNews 1.5 Stable Release (developers version: 1.5.30).

So what is this sNews 1.5 ?
sNews is a single file, a completly free PHP and MySQL driven, template independant and standards valid Content Management System which allows you to easily manage your web content.

Yes, and you read it right ! A SINGLE FILE ! Amazing ! What can be more easier to start your own blog or web pages ;) (this of course if you wanted to do it all by yourself ^^)

Consisting of only one file, sNews is extremely lightweight, easy to install, and easy to use via a simple web interface.

And to add more to your satisfactions, there are allready a dozen more template you can choose from ;)

They have a really nice CSS template :)

Get yourself more familiar with sNews ^^


Tag It Is, Then

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Tag game is on the rise again i think :P it seems everybody is doin it again, even scoble did this too, and even more surprised to read Neil's ;)

Well then i got tagged by, the beautiful african lady who's genius ;) nice to know you Max :D

And since it's Xmas Seasons, then i'd considered on lettin' everybody to know 5 things not many people know about me :P

1. I don't like this TAG thing :P i wonder WHO is the 1st one INVENTED this TAG ?! This is my first TAG post EVER ! ;)

2. I almost drown twice when i was a little kid. Once is when we go to some hot spring, i walked along side of the hot pool, but at some point, i slipped my way through, and drowned, luckily someone saw this, and picked me up ! The second is at the beach, i got dragged by a big waves :P but then again, here i am, safe and sound ^^ and you know what ? That doesn't discouraged me :P I like swimming the most ^^

3. I once started up some small Learning Course with my friends back when in college, it started with the idea to help college students on learning programming subject :) It went well on the first year, we had quite a big revenue in return :) The Learning Course went for 4 years, but in the last two years, we had a declinement in revenue, due to the high maintenance cost (we moved to a bigger place in the 2nd years and hired lotsa new instructor). And now it no longer exist a.k.a CLOSED, and we parted ways :P

4. This is the first game that i HACKED :P
I got my computer around at 1992/1993. It's because of my sister :) She always send some lotery kinda thing, and one day she got the price, a new computer ^^ at that time computer is very expensive :)

This is the starting point that got me to computer world :) (i monopolized the computer :P) It has DOS, and Win 3.1 :)

I learned some basic Hex Data, and Tools, and then i tried to HACK my favourite game ROTK 2 :) and i did it ;) i changed the Hex value of the saved data, and i got a whole lotsa money :P Oh, what a memory this is ^^

5. In reality, i'm an introverted person, i dont feel too comfortable in meeting people, group chatting, attending parties, make new friends, this is contradictive in the internet :P i feel much free er in blogosphere :P So, if we had a chance to meet face-to-face, don't be surprise to see me that way ;)

Well, that's it folks ^^ Now, as the rules says

it need only be 5 things not many people know about you, which you post and tag 5 other bloggers to brave it too

So, for those 5 i wanna tag is :

- My hermano whose been a great friends to me :) a.k.a Avatar

- My lovely Cat ^^ the first Taiwan reader i had ;)

- The Great Genius Boy, who helped me through the blogging-hacks and CSS ;) Thanks Adit :)

- My daily inspiration on blogging, you're great Liz :)

- Another active reader of mine, very attractive blogger, and Teddy is younger than me too, wow ^^ i sure am late on blogging :P

For those who are not bein tagged by me, than sorry :P coz the rules says only 5 people :P But feel free to tag yourself :P (is it allowed ?)

Have a nice weekend everybody ^^


I Wish The Internet Had Never Been Born !

Friday, December 15, 2006

Have you ever wish that the Internet Had Never Been Born ? Well, if you are then you must see this one ^^ And if you're not, then again just see this one ok ;)

I like the way you can interact with the picture while the stories are bein narated ;) Try to point over things, and drag some slider ;)

Wonderfull stories ^^

[source: Jay is Games]

Yet Another (Better) SnowFlake Maker

Thursday, December 14, 2006

If you have try to make a flake before, then i tell you this, THIS ONE IS BETTER ^^ WAY MUCH MUCH BETTER !

Okay, first thing first you can of course cut a paper to make one, but the best thing here is that IT GOT A PREVIEW AREA ! So you can saw how it'll turned out ! And another good thing is there's an UNDO button ! WOW ! Great eh ;)

After you make yer own beautifull snowflake like mine ;) then it'll shows up on the scenery :) and just so you know, there are others too, which you can point with yer mouse, and the definition will pops up :) GREAT !

Another good thing is, you can FIND A FLAKE ! Your Flake, will be saved, with unique ID (in numbers) or, if you don't know the numbers, just enter the name ;)

Once you enter the name, the next search results will fall down, and you can point it to view the details ;) And you can even RESPOND as in reply a msg to the creator of the Flake ;) COOL eh ;)

More of it YOU CAN PRINT IT ! In 3 differents LAYOUT ! Perfect ! ;)

So, what do you waitin for ! Go for it ! Make a Flake, search mine, and leave a comment ;P

[source: Ursi's Blog]

I Had an Accident !

This mornin' when i go to my office as my usual daily routine from monday to saturday (is it long enough for the intro ? :P) for the 1st time of my life ! I HAD AN ACCIDENT !

Using motorcycle that is, well i'm gratefull i've never had an accident on car, or other transportation.

But this mornin' i don't know what struck me, is it my sleepines, or is it bad luck. When i tried to step ahead from another motorcycle, well i took it from the left side (in indonesia was the other way round from other country, so we use left side of the road). So i know i supposed to took it from the ride side, and i was at 60km/h or so at 3rd gear. And then, SUDDENLY that other motor TURNED LEFT ! You know what happened next ! We CRASHED each other !

But since i was the one with the higher speed, me and the motor was dragged all along the road (while he's left behind) and then hit the pavement road to the STOP! And me flying away for about 2m.

So, you wanna hear bout the motor first ? or me ? or the other guy ?

Well, i'll start with the other guy ! You know what ?! He's Fine ! DARN !
My motorcycle (and for worst ! it was borrowed ! it's my friends !) the head lights were broken, the right rear mirror was broken, the steer was a bit off ! And i have to pay for those later on *sigh*

Me ? My right shoulder was a mess, and so my right side of my thigh. But luckily just the shirt and pants :P And a little bit of scratch on my right hand. At least that's somethin good :)

And i think we both wrong, me for tryin to take him on the left side (supposed to be on the right) and he for not flashing the rear ligth !

Well, dunno if i must say GOD DAMN or GOD BLESS ;)


Flickr Easter Egg for Xmas

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ho .. ho .. ho .. You'd better watch out !
Ho .. ho .. ho ..
He .. he .. he .. :P

Flickr is giving us some nice easter egg to celebrate the nice xmas seasons :)

Here you go, the results ;)

Just add some notes to your picture and VOILA ;) YOU'RE A SANTA :D

Oh, and the notes are :

     ho ho ho beard
     ho ho ho hat

Have Fun ^^


BETA zlythern :-)

For those of you on Blogger who are (maybe) scared to moved to Blogger Beta a.k.a Blogger v3.0, then you're not alone. Because i too, have experienced that !

And believe me, that is the only reasons i still stay on the old blogger.

But everythin, that scares you, is only because you still dont have enough information how things will turn out ! If you managed to get those information, then, even though the road is hard for someone, but you'll PAWNED those fears aside :) Like i did today :D

And it only takes 5 easy steps in 3 easy minutes to conquer your fears ;)

Great eh ;) Now hereby i pronounce it to all of you that zlythern has entered a new world of BETA world, hm.. kinda pitty eh ? the BETA word i mean ;P

You never knew until you try it ;) So, expect more goodies from zlythern on BETA blogger thing :) Because i will share my experience on learning on beta along with all of you ;)

Maybe a new designs next years ? ;) Who knows ? So stay tune everybody :)

And for those of you who wanted to see the big picture, then feel free to do so ;)

Step 01 Step 02 Step 03 Step 04 Step 05

Feed Your Feed to Your Feed Readers

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

iFeedReaders, offers you the easiest way to feed your feed readers.

Put it this way, you have some readers, and yet, you did not know what Feed Reader they are using, right ? So, you offer some links to some famous feed reader, but there are some (which i kinda sure bout this) who uses feed reader that you may probably haven't heard of it !

So.. how you offer the feed, in a way so every user will have it on their feed reader ? iFeedReaders is the answers ! ;)

Like you can see, turn all of those into 1 easy button, Feed Readers, just hafta click that single button ;) Easy for the author, and comfort for the readers ;)

This is a nice one, given that Full Feeds are on a trend again ;)

Note: If you insist on having to choose to give it manually, then iFeedReaders have anticipated that too ;) But be sure to host the images on your own, that's the proper way to be nice to someone bandwiths right ? ;)

And be sure to try those here ;)

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Do You Really Know Google ?

Monday, December 11, 2006

You probably use Google everyday, but do you know... the Google Snake Game? Googledromes? Memecodes? Googlesport? The Google Calculator? Googlepark and Google Weddings? Google hacking, fighting and rhyming?

In fact, my answers are mostly "NO" :P

So, this is my reference on better understanding of Google ;)
In this book, you’ll find Google-related games, cartoons, oddities, tips, stories and everything else that’s fun. Reading it, you won’t be the same searcher as before! (From the author of Google Blogoscoped.)

You either can buy the book for $16.50, or download it as PDF (which is the option that i choose :P)

Google is sure more fun, with this reference in hand ;) it isn't the same old boring 1 textbox to search somethin :P

Tags: ,

Before There was Flickr, There Was the Filebrowser

Back in old days, when we still have the fun to build our own image gallery, we do it in php or asp :)

We upload the picture to the host, and then code some php or asp, to browse that file, and display it on thumbnails with a href link to view the larger image (what a day ;P)

Now, for those of you who wanted the easier ways, then filebrowser is the right choice :)

Re-introduce yourself to the Filebrowser

The filebrowser is a lightweight PHP application that allows you to thumbnail images and view them in a web browser. That's it. Short and sweet.

Their handy 1 page documentation is very easy to understand, if you would like to try and implement filebrowser ;)

Currently they support viewing image files, audio files, and text files ;)

If you wonder on how it looked like, you can try their demo on filebrowser :)

So, have it a try ^^


Oh and be sure to check out their Vanilla too ;) brought to you by the same creator, LUSSUMO ;)
Vanilla is an open-source, standards-compliant, multi-lingual, fully extensible discussion forum for the web. Anyone who has web-space that meets the requirements can download and use Vanilla for free!

He's BACK ! New Game Added !

Friday, December 08, 2006

Ferry Halim is an indonesian TALENTED ! SUPER ! MARVELOUS ! Flasher ! I've been a fan of him since my first encounter as a flasher :)

Some of you may have recalled this little flash game, that have HIT the internet ! It was very popular amongs flasher, and gamer, and maybe you too ;)


And when i get to know Orisinal, i've become more and more admiring him ^^ those soft and calm, colourfull theme. And he's a brilliat Action Scripter too ! Considering his background ;) (note: the interviews are in indonesia)

And NOW ! After a long period of inactivity (for about a year), He's BACK !

To celebrate with us, and welcoming this holidays ^^

Enjoy the newly added Winterbells

[source: Jay is Games]

What Am I Like ?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

What are you like ?

Is it one of these ?
  • Big Thinker (Spontaneous + Ideas + Heads + Extrovert)
  • Counsellor (Planner + Ideas + Hearts + Introvert)
  • Go-getter (Spontaneous + Facts + Heads + Extrovert)
  • Idealist (Spontaneous + Ideas + Hearts + Introvert)
  • Innovator (Spontaneous + Ideas + Hearts + Extrovert)
  • Leader (Planner + Ideas + Heads + Extrovert)
  • Mastermind (Planner + Ideas + Heads + Introvert)
  • Mentor (Planner + Ideas + Hearts + Extrovert)
  • Nurturer (Planner + Facts + Hearts + Introvert)
  • Peacemaker (Spontaneous + Facts + Hearts + Introvert)
  • Performer (Spontaneous + Facts + Hearts + Extrovert)
  • Provider (Planner + Facts + Hearts + Extrovert)
  • Realist (Planner + Facts + Heads + Introvert)
  • Resolver (Spontaneous + Facts + Heads + Introvert)
  • Strategist (Spontaneous + Ideas + Heads + Introvert)
  • Supervisor (Planner + Facts + Heads + Extrovert)

If you don't know your personality type, take the 'What am I like?' personality test to find out.

It's pretty accurate ;)

[source: Juz zh1yong]

Thunder Chunky Xmas Project

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Artists from around the world were asked to throw together a xmas message. A new doodle will be revealed every day in December, leading up to xmas!

The submission up till now are :

TC Xmas Project TC Xmas Project TC Xmas Project TC Xmas Project TC Xmas Project TC Xmas Project
(click for bigger image)

If you enjoy this, then consider on joining their mailing list ;) so you have an update for each day ;)

This will be a good companion to those Beautiful Sites eh ;)

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