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Thursday, November 30, 2006

This mornin' when i crawl over my emails, i found that Terry Ng over at Kineda's Blog (which is one of so many regular readings i had) told me to try this interesting widget :)

The widget that Terry created was based on Dave Sifry’s State of the Blogosphere. So i decided to give it a try :) Well, it's fun anyway ;)

C-List Blogger

Hm.. that badge surely looks good, if it's was an A, right ? ;P

So, how is this thing works ? Terry has the answers
To be an A-List Celebrity in Hollywood, it's all about the amount of Vanity Fair, GQ, and People Magazine covers you can score. To be an A-List Bloglebrity on the Internet, it's all about the amount of link love you can score.

Children Fun on X'Mas

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

This christmas thing sure is a whole lotsa fun ^^ and if you have childrens, maybe you can have them try this ^^

It was a coloring site, which gives you a picture, and you got to choose one, and start coloring it ^^ simple ;)

You can choose the color that on the list, and just click an area of the picture to color it :)

The best thing of it, is that we can have it printed, emailed, or save it to your computer ^^

Well, as for the coloring, it's a little bit annoying for me :P well i guess it was because i'm a 50ker

When you color the picture, it'll refresh the image, so if you're on a modem or so, just be patient for the image to load again :P

But if that troubles you, then maybe you'll wanna print it, and have it colored manually, which i think is more fun ^^

Well, i myself, have some fun with this :P i guess there's no limitation for age here ;) we can all share the joy ^^

And this Coloring says that
Shortly, new functionality will be added for enhanced features.

And i hope they fixed the way the coloring work, so that it dont refresh per color :P

And for this X'Mas they already have some nice picture ^^

So, have your Coloring here ^^

Pimp Your Blog For Santa

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Santa is busy preparin gifts for all of us, so i think we should pimp our home, to welcome him on X'Mas ;)

So, first you can do is this :

Sweet eh :) Those are the amazing work of Nick La from N.Design Studio | Design & Blog ! Which is one of my favourite resource on trying to learn designs :) well, you know i'm a designer wannabe :P

And to welcome the happy moment, Nick have already put up some nice icons for all of us to grab ;) and it's FREE :) so, make sure you pay Nick a visit, and a thanks :)

If that still not enough for you, here's another one, a nice banner you can put on your blog ;)

Now that is a great work from my friend Anthony over at That Amazing Person

And he kindly give us the code to put it, so it'll as simple as you can imagine ;)
You can get the code here :)

Well, i'll be pimpin' my blog for Santa :) Hope he'll bring me some nice presents :)

Do You Feed ? Buzz ? Scoop ?

Monday, November 27, 2006

When first i got to know RSS, at that point on, i have subscribed and unsubscribed, many sites that offers RSS.

The good thing about RSS is (in my opinion) that you got FED by the news, instead of you search for the news itself.

And people, are always NEWS hungry ;) no one i ever met, that doesn't interested in news, wether it's just a gossips, a rant, a stock market news, politics, sex, celebrity, everyone are lookin for news.

That makes it NEWS provider on the net, grows like a mushrooms :) there's a whole lot of variety on HOW the way they delivers the news to you ;) there's some who is community driven news, and some that break the news 1st and a whole lot more.

Lately there's been some improvement over on how to delivers news. My favourite one lately is BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed distinguishes what is actually interesting from what is merely hyped. We only feature movies, music, fashion, ideas, technology, and culture that are on the rise and worth your time.

BuzzFeed works with some automated robot crawler, which they claimed that it can IDENTIFY new buzz that’s just starting to spread. PLUS they have some staff and editors in which they put up the buzz into more readable and interesting summary ;)

So this computer crawler combined with editors and feedbacks from the readers, makes it much more entertaining news to watch and read ;)

Another one that still on the Buzz trend is BuzzTracker.

Currently they are still on Beta. But they already have 100+ topic in it :) What i like from BuzzTracker, is that they have the BuzzImage, and BuzzVideo on the right sidebar ;) Now, i don't know how accurate is the BuzzImage :P but the BuzzVideo seems pretty nice :)

A few days back, my bro Avatar post up a (soon to be) newcomer on the news thing. It was called the Scoopr. The concept is quite nice ! And i like the word SCOOP ;)

My first thought of the SCOOP is that, this Scoopr will covers story that considered to be the SCOOP (or the first) of the latest Buzz !
But apparently what they mean about SCOOP is that you can have the Buzz story to be Scoop as in save it.
So, it'll be very good if they can find the SCOOP of the latest Buzz ! Coz i'm always wondering who is the first one that got the SCOOP for let's say "THE HOTTEST NEWS RIGHT NOW!" It's always nice to found who broke the first news, and the others follow it ;) So, maybe they'll changed the way on how SCOOP will be :) coz... this Buzz thing, News thing, is already to much :P

They currently still in private alpha stage. It means that they still have much to improve, and what i wanted on some technical side, is that they will GET RID OF those javascripts ! Sure thing it was a nice slide, fade FX thing, but it will be NO USE on this NEWS thing, what i want to see is the NEWS not the FX !
Besides, if you wanted to use some nice javascript FX, there's a whole lot more which is more LIGHTER in weight ! Coz, as for me, i'm still the 50kers :P
And i hated when i go clicking this or that, some won't work coz the javascript haven't fully loaded yet.

Now as some closing thought, i found some nice articles here. And that shot me right through how i fell lately :P Lately i was fellin FED UP to much :P And since i've wrote so much, i won't discussed that article now :P But if you do have an opinion, they don't hesitate to share it here ;)

The COMPLETE Guide to MyBlogLog(ging)

Friday, November 24, 2006

I've introduced MyBlogLog before as a great service to make friends with readers ;)

MyBlogLog, now is growing real big ! Many users are interested on joining MyBlogLog, some of it, i'm sure .. uhm .. well kinda sure :P they are just goin with the flow, they saw it there, they've been told bout it, so they signed up.

But what happens after that ? Some is enjoying it, some join their friends community, and some HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO ?!

I think for the last "some", that some become the HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO ?! some, because there's some lack in HOWTO use MyBlogLog, IMHO atleast ;)

Sure they've provided Help, and Blog for MyBlogLog, but that just it, just plain old introduction, upgrading to pro's account, about MyBlogLog, where to report if you found bugs, but NONE of it tells us, what to do with MyBlogLog (pardon me for sayin this Eric :P)

So, then hereby, i'll try to cover some guide on "What You Can Do with MyBlogLog" a.k.a "The COMPLETE Guide to MyBlogLog(ging)" ... boy, doesn't that sounds good ;P

Well, here after you signed up, then just log in, and you will see this one :

Your Profile Page !

  1. First thing FIRST ! Please edit your profile, at least put up some picture for your avatar ;) And if you have a blog then ADD IT ! Just click those 2 green buttons ;)
    Now, if you visit OTHER PEOPLE'S profile, THIS IS THE PLACE where you can ADD THEM AS YOUR CONTACT ;)
  2. Secondly, if there's someone visiting your profile, you'll see their picture/avatar here, so maybe you can say hello to them, or if you're lucky you probably will find your soulmate :P (hm... this is OOT :P)
  3. Third, if you have joined some community, then other people join the same community as you are, they will appear here, so this is your chance on gettin' know people with same interest as you are (at least so, coz they joined the same community as you are right ?)
  4. Fourth, is someone has added you as a contact, then they will appear here, so you can keep track who fell in love with you ;)
    If you are on other people's profile page, than you can drop them some messages here ;)
  5. Fifth, this is where all other people leaves messages for you ;) you can manage the messages here ;)
  6. And lastly, this is where you might find lotsa interesting things ;) this shows the HOT in your communities ;) the reason for you to join one ;)

Find Your Interest, Join A Community
MyBlogLog Community offers lotsa great one ;) you can find a new one here, share common interest, leave message to the author, make new friends ;)

  1. First, check out the new HOT one here ;) community that got here, if i'm not mistaken, is the one who get people to join up, and they drew lotsa people on one day, so that's made em HOT ;)
  2. Second, this is one thing i like the most, these are the new baby born in MyBlogLog ;) new community :) i found lots of interesting one every day ;)
  3. Third, if you don't like the same old HOT communities, then you might wanna see the TOP 50 one ;) But as a note here to Mr. Eric, i think the algorithm is kinda messed up ? The tag cloud didn't shows the correct one, i mean if it was TAG CLOUD, then the most to be considered TOP has to be the one is BIG FONTS right ;) but it does not behave like that lately ;)
  4. Fourth, if you are so bored in office, or dont have thing to do, why dontcha browse all the communities in alphabetical order :P you might find a pearl inside it ;)

Meet People, Be Friends
MyBlogLog have great number of members up till now :) This is where you'll meet new friends, even get to know your favourite blog author you often visit ;)

Well the members area, are pretty much the same as with the community ;)
  1. First, I think this is the HOTTEST member right now (dunno how to get there :P)
  2. Second, This are also the lists of Hot Members ! (again .. no clue on how to get there :P)
  3. Third, this is our new friends here :) there's a link if you wanna see more new members ;)
  4. The fourth and the fifth are pretty much the same as above ;)

Still wanna some tips ? Try click-ing the MyBlogLog logo on the top left and you will see the front page of MyBlogLog.

What to do on the Front Page ?

  1. Go Back to your profile page ;P
  2. Browse other 'recently' RANDOM 'hot' community ;) as you see, mine got there once :P (couldn't resist to capture the screen :P)
  3. This is the people that 'hit' the Front Page, as well as you too, so might wanna check 'em up, or skip 'em
  4. Get the recent reader widget to put on your blog/web page, the look of the widget will mostly like what you saw here

Pheeew.. that's all about it boyz and gurlz :) hmm.. well .. okay .. maybe it's not that COMPLETE :P but at least i hope new members can learn this MyBlogLog much quicker ;)

So then, new readers, let's meet at MyBlogLog ;)

[Update 2006-12-16]: Apparantely mtwmike have dug this posts, so if you're a digger, then feel free to dug this ;)


Secure Screen Sharing

CrossLoop is a tiny little applications that'll do a not so tiny great thing for you ;) As the trend was set to 'web-startups' CrossLoop take another way on desktop-startups ^^ This is real nice, they've take the right path :)

Okay then, CrossLoop's main idea is to connect 2 PC, uhm .. well yes i know it's not such a big thing, there are already lotsa product that goes into this kinda thing, and even Windows has it's own Remote Desktop built in !

So what's so good bout this CrossLoop thing ? Well, first of all IT'S FREE ;) I mean FREE is a good thing right ? ;)

Another good thing is that the application is tiny, the installer was only 900Kb, and after it was bein installed it took no more than 3MB ;) And if you run it, you'll notice that it's just consume a wee bit memory :) you'll never notice the difference, just like when you open notepad (yup, that light ;))

As for this moment, CrossLoop, currently just supporting 2 people on 2 PC that can share things together remotely ! I think this is good enough, coz CrossLoop is designed for this, so multiusers might sounds good, but that's just a waste IMHO ;) if you wanted multiuser, then just go conference right ? ;)

With CrossLoop, you can do lotsa thing, lemme give you an example, have you had someone who doesn't know how to use an email (yes, i do have one back then :P) and you're having a hard time on explaining what to do ? How to use it ?! and via PHONE ! OMG ! Those were such a tiring days :P

But now, not anymore ;) you can do it while you're on PHONE, and give it A REAL EXAMPLE on how to use an email sucha thing ;)

Now, what i wanted to see more from CrossLoop, is one feature, "chat" ;) i mean there's Skype nowadays, so okay with that, but if i can't use it or you're not allowed to do it in office, or sucha thing, then chat will be the way to communicate ;)

Well, honestly i don't like to open a notepad, write some line, then switch back to show how macros work in excell, and then write again ... and so on .. and so on ..

So, if CrossLoop, will add a nice little chat window, that'll be a great addition ;)

Well, nuff talkin now, why doncha give it a try ;)

- if someone want to ask me bout anythin involving "REAL EXAMPLE" maybe we can CrossLoopin each other ;)
- for those who are not on broadband, the screen rendering are a little bit slow ;) maybe CrossLoop will have some optimizing for this ? ;)

So ... It's Midnight Over There

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Lately, i met lotsa new friends over the net :) especially with my readers ;) thanks to MyBlogLog, that's been so nice, great work Eric :) You got to meet lotsa nice people there :)

Some little problem i have with, is when i try to chat with some people, they appeared to be offline, well, it's simple, it was midday at my time here, but it was midnight over there ! and often i found out that it was like 3 or 4 AM when at my time it's only 1 PM or 9AM, i surely wouldn't want to bother on someone elses dream ;)

So, i search for some time converter or anythin like that, some gave a nice table, but it's all text :P and it was kinda boring :P so i search for more and found out this little Flash one :) and since i was a flash programmer ;P well i prefer this one ^^ the Time Zone Check (so they called themselves)

This is a simple, and perfectly suits my need :) it's user friendly, just hover over, and you know it's midnight over there ;)

If you have a friend in some other place that are not listed, don't worry, they provided you the Search Box ! Just type in the city name, and little red dot will appear ^^

And oh, did i mention that you can know what date it is too ? ;)

Well, then i've bookmarked this Time Zone Check for sure ;)

If there's another one that is more convinient than this, then lemme know :) since i stopped searchin' after i satisfied with this one ;P

Red Rose to Michelle Goodrich

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Today, when i tried to go to Michelle's Mandarin Design, this is what i got

Error 404 Not found

Powered by Zeus Web Server

And my reaction was WHAT THE H**L is this !! Are you kiddin me ?!! OMG !

And so, i began my investigation (with google of course :P) and found out that our dear Michelle have passed away, and it's on June ... and i don't know a single thing bout it ! Shame on me !

Michelle's Mandarin Design, was my favourite resources on learnin' CSS. The best of all there is on the net, since Michelle covers it from basic to advanced, from IE to FF and to Opera, all of it.

This was a great loss, and now they even take down the last piece of her work!

And as Claude Covo-Farchi said in her post above
Keeping someone’s blog on-line, is like keeping some of that person alive. I don’t think that it would occur to someone’s children to intentionally put all the photos of their parents in the garbage, never to be seen again! Aren’t our blogs a bit, or even much of ourselves?

Lastly, thanks to there are still Mandarin Design that alive, we should all treasure this knowledge

And let us remember the great work of our dear Michelle Goodrich

May you Rest In Peace Michelle.

I'm an Official SOB !!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Horaay !! Today, i have a good news for you boyz and gurlz :) Hereby, i pronounced it to you,

And take a look at the nice badge that Liz, allowed me to put on zlythern ;)

Liz Strauss, who is a Successfull Blog(gers) and an Outstanding one, have been a teacher to me (via feed reader :P) and have given me lotsa inspiration on how to blog :)

You know, fyi, i, myself, and considered myself, are new to the blogging thing :P not even a year, i've started on blogging in about the end of April this year, and have no idea what to write !

I mean, i never, ever, did write somekinda notes, or diary, EVER :P So this whole new writing things, are kinda annoying for me (at first) :) but up until now, i'm beggining to love it :) and couldn't live without it now :P (i belive so) :P

And i still remembered, on how i stumbled on Liz's SOB, it was when i feel a little bit down, and felt like don't wanna to blog anymore, coz no one is readin' and give comments :P i guess great blogger have pass through these too :) it was then, when i search for some hints, and maybe a trick or two, a tips on better blogging, and then there it is, Liz's SOB great article ;)

But now, as i more into blogging, i realize that even though readers maybe not commenting, i know that, some are still reading zlythern faithfully ;) and to you who are always reading zlythern, either here or on feed, i thank you :) So, i'll try my best to keep on postin' ^^

The good thing on blogging is, that you got to meet new friends, a really really great friends :) One of them is Avatar :) he's trully my inspiration on blogging (on early days) and now too ;) (don't worry bro :)) the mind of that man, is trully amazing :) and he's on SOB too now ;)

So, i hereby thanks to Liz for the badge, love you Liz ;) and i'll try to go over yer place, since i'm always on the feed :P

Have a nice day everybody ^^

Animator VS Animation

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mr. Alan Becker is one brilliant Flash Animator i've admired sooo muuuch ^^

I've been into flash since i was in college, and i know how much time it is to take to make an animation, with thousands of thousands of frame in it :)

Although i, have made a simple animation in a short time :P

When the first time he made the Animator VS Animation, i went like ..... .... .... .... couldn't speak my mind out ... it was like ... holy s**t this guy is BRILLIANT !

This is the most amazing, creative idea on making flash animation !

Now that was on June this year if i'm not mistaken :)

But lately he MADE ANOTHER ONE !

When i found it, i bang my head to my desk (in my mind :P)


So i couldn't helped to spread it to the world :) and i re-upload it for your amusement ;)

Well, then check out those flash, and hold your jaw, maybe it'll drop :P just click on the picture to open it in a new window ;)

Enjoy the weekend boyz and gurlz :) don't forgot to drop some grettings to the guy ;)

As per Mr. Alan request, i changed the links to point to AtomFilms :) My pleasure to talk to you Alan ;)

bLaugh JS For Your Delight

Thursday, November 16, 2006

If you don't know bLaugh, then maybe you'll interested on finding out :) bLaugh created a single-panel comicstrip involving events or things or people on the blogosphere :) which surely will brighten up your mornin ^^ they named themselves as The (un)Official Comic of the Blogosphere! :)

About 2 days ago, i found out that bLaugh provided an API for the geeks to play with ;) so as maybe i have the 'geek' spirit myself :P so i decided to make use of it :) and share it with everybody here :)

The script to use was simple, it was javascript, so you just hafta add these line to whereever you wanted this bLaugh comic strip to dock on your web-pages/blog :)

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Now, the default is, the bLaugh Comic Strips will display in 3 column one, and there'll be 10 comics stripe.

But you can customize the script by adding some parameter ;)
There are (currently) 4 parameters you can add, which is : count, col, size

count is how much comic strip you wanted to display, the default is 10

col represents how much columns you wanted it to be displayed, like if you wanna put this on the sidebar maybe you wanted it to be just 1 column ;) the default is 3

size here is to adjust the image scaling size, the value would be in percentage as like if you wanted to have it half size then you entered 0.5 and so on ;) and 0.5 is default

So, with those parameters you can customized the script to looked like this:
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Or you can have it to display the newest one like this :

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

No, why dont you try it yerself ;) if you have some trouble dont hesitate to contact me

Or maybe some suggestions, for further development ? ;P

Are You DEAF .. uhm ... Tone Deaf ?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There's been a buzz over at Jake's ToneDeaf Test ;) so i go and try it over and here's my result :P i guess i'm just above average :P not an expert one :P

It has a series of music that bein' played, each one have 2 musics, and that's where you hafta answer wether the music is the same or different ;) maybe to some people the music will be heared as same :P

So, why dontcha try it yerself HERE ;) and tell me what's your score :)

Pasturella Multocida ?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Neisseria Gonorrhoeae ? Bartonella Quintana ? Huh ?! What with those weird name :P (you might say) Heh, i have no idea of it at first :P

Those words are microbes ! *Yikes* Yup you heard .. uhm .. read it right :)

Emma Lurie, presents you microbes in a fun way ^^ you can read .. and maybe remember it easily ;) It has a cute picture of it too ;) Hmm.. i wish i've found these back on my school days on biology :P It'll be fun to study it :)

Pay her a visit ;) And have a nice weekend with microbes ^^ :P

Make Your Own Loading Gif

Friday, November 10, 2006

Jakob Lange Skjerning from mentalized made some good point on today's AJAX trend that rose up everywhere just like a mushroom :P

An important design element that’s part of the whole AJAX business is somehow letting your user know that stuff is actually happening while the server crunches away. A common way to do so, is to add a little animated GIF that is only shown when the AJAX request is happening.

And that is one of the reasons he collected a few free animated GIFs and put them up here. Which you can download and use them in whatever project you want ;)

If you're still, don't find one that suits yer style, there still more of it here ;)

But as for bein' some perfectionist guy myself, who wanted to specify my own color, and background-color, i was still a wee bit unsatisfied with those list :P

But that was a story of 2 hours ago :P till i found - the Ajax loading gif generator :)

Which definetely the perfect one i was lookin ;) It features the simple one that add to my satisfaction, the Background and Foreground color chooser ;) Plus with the added option for Transparent background ;) *perfect* ^^

It even had multiple type of indicator on which you can choose from ;)

But one thing that lacks here, is the preview of each indicator type :P so i generated each of the indicator, so that you can have an idea of what it looked like ;) as i'm sure it'll help you on not wasting some time, tryin' it one by one :P

So here you go the full list of each indicator type ;)
  • Circle ball
  • Indicator
  • Kit
  • Arrows
  • Indicator Big
  • Snake
  • Bouncing ball
  • Bar
  • Bar 2
  • Bar 3
  • Circling ball
  • Hypnotize
  • Wheel
  • Expanding Circle
  • Radar
  • Refresh
  • Flower
  • Squares
  • Circle Thickbox
  • Roller
  • Wheel Throbber
  • Smallwait
  • 3D Rotation
  • Indicator lite
  • Squares Circle
  • Big Snake
  • Big Circle ball

p.s: the colors for the above lists can be changed ;) it's not the default one ;)

Enjoy ^^

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