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Wednesday, November 28, 2007 Take A Look. Click The Book. - zlythern
Lookybook is a really nice concept in bringing books for parents and kids. They bring you nice illustrations from all around the world ^^

We know that nothing will replace the magic of reading a book with your child at bedtime, but we aim to replace the overwhelming and frustrating process of finding the right books for parents and their kids.

You can also create your very own bookshelf ;) What is a bookshelf for ? Well, to put your favourite books of course :D Bookshelf Sample - zlythern
Another interesting idea is that if you are a new or self-published author or illustrator, or a publisher and you want more eyes on your book, you can send it to them ;) And hopefully they will put it on our shelf for everyone to look at ;)

Lookybook currently features over 200 titles and is growing daily. Share Buy Embed - zlythern
And here's another catch, you can EMBED the books to your blog, myspace, friendster, or anywhere on the net ! NICE ! :D

But of course, you can always consider to buy the book ;) After all, what picture books is bad for a gift ?! ;)

And it's almost Christmas too :D

Well, then, here we go, i've embed one for you ;)

First Snow
Written by Bernette Ford | Illustrated by Sebastien Braun
9.875 x 10.75 | 32 pages | Ages 4-8 | Holiday House | Published in 2005 | ISBN 9780823419371

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[via: Drawn!]

CSS - A Recipe for Success

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dotted Leaders, A Recipe for Success - zlythern
Dotted Leaders, A Recipe for Success - posted A Recipe for Success in styling a list using CSS.

You have to play with this one for sure ! It's the most detailed tutorial, or shall i say, recipe ;) on styling a list using CSS.

It all inspired by a restaurant menus, which have the dish described on the left hand side followed by a dotted line that continues to the right side of the menu where the price is situated.

Even the very first beginner in styling using CSS will hardly find any problem reading through the tutorial!

It is not just a tutorial on how to make the list looked like this and that kinda things. It starts from ground zero. With all the possibility, even those with bad looking results called A Recipe for Disaster! Nice name BTW :D

Practically this is a study case, where you will see the good things and the bad things, and learn from all of those to apply and get the very best style.

Dotted Leaders, A Recipe for Success - zlythern
The end result were just awesome ! Whether you're on FF or IE, this simply is a must to learn :D

Usually i just bookmarked all the good CSS tutorial out there. But this one deserves a whole post for it :D It truly is A Recipe for Success ;)

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving by *AngELofREbellion - zlythern

(image credits: *AngELofREbellion)

To all my readers in the U.S. and Canada, and those who celebrate

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

Thank you for all your support and for keep reading my blog :D
Wish you all a nice holiday with your family ^^

The Story of Tatty Teddy Bear

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tatty Teddy Bear - zlythern
Did you know those ugly looking Teddy Bear ? A grey bear with a blue nose, that has torn all over his body ? Err.. i mean.. i don't really know all kinds of Teddy Bear, but when i saw this kind is becoming popular back then, i was kinda feel strange, what's so cute and nice from this bear ?

Well, anyway, Veron got a very nice story behind this Tatty Teddy Bear :) Now after i read the story, i think this Tatty Teddy Bear is kinda cute though ;P

Tatty Teddy Bear - zlythern


The little bear was now so cold that his nose started turning blue... so cold that his brown fur started turning grey.

He was cold, unloved and all alone in the world, and felt very, very sad.

Winter finally passed and the weather got warmer. One beautiful spring day, a little girl was playing near the old house, when she spotted the grey bear in the pile of unwanted things. He was like no other bear she had ever seen and she pulled him out from where he was trapped.

She dusted him down and lifted him high in the sky to look at him.

“A grey teddy bear… with a blue nose?” she thought. “How strange!”

The teddy bear wanted to cry. He thought she didn’t like him and would throw him back with the other unwanted things.

“But he’s lovely!” she continued and she fell completely in love with him.


Now, i'm started to think for buying this one for my girlfriend :P Christmas is near ;) This Tatty Teddy Bear is a perfect gift i think :D I can tell her the story behind this poor Teddy Bear :D

Anyway, read The Story of Tatty Teddy Bear here, it is made using Flash ;) with a nice flip effects, just like you read the real book :D

OpenBook - Handy Firefox Add-ons !

Monday, November 19, 2007

OpenBook Firefox Add-ons - zlythern
Default Firefox Bookmark - zlythernIf you are using Firefox, then this OpenBook Add-ons is a must have !

You see, the default Firefox Bookmark dialog window is kinda ... not perfect ... in my geeky view :P

It's a bit waste of time, to add extra clicks to save a bookmark to certain folder. You hafta expand the tree, choose your folder, etc. These extra steps can save you enough time when bookmarking ;) especially when 'someone' is around :P

OpenBook Firefox Bookmark - zlythern
OpenBook add-ons allows a nice customization for this old boring ... not perfect ... bookmark dialog.

It will transform your default bookmark into this beauty !

All in one place ! Including all those tree, you can even have the whole complete properties, the url, keyword, and description too (for those of you who loves details ;) )!


So, everytime you hit Ctrl+D to bookmark, you will have your bookmarks tree opened automatically !

It has a capability of remembering your last folder that you save your bookmark into ;)

What more could you ask for ?! :D

OpenBook Firefox Bookmark - zlythernIf that's not saving you enough time, here comes the ultimate options for you ! :D

Activate the options to 'Add bookmark to folder below'

Choose your default folder for all the bookmarks to go into (you can sort it later on :P)

And there you have it ! Hit Ctrl+D ! Bam ! No dialog box ! Your bookmark will straight into your folder ! :D

How's that for saving your time ?! ;)

Bottom words, this OpenBook Firefox Add-ons is a must have one for me :) and for you too ;)

Have a nice day ! Start bookmarking more often now ;)

[via: the How-To Geek]

[GIVEAWAY] 2nd Round of My Name In Arabic

Friday, November 16, 2007

FREE ! My Name in Arabic - zlythernPreviously Reem and me are running a GIVEAWAY for a FREE Arabic Name.

And again, we have a VERY GOOD NEWS for everybody ;)

2nd Round of FREE 3 Arabic Names for 3 lucky reader is up for a grab ;)

Well, you know the rules

Simply post a comment here, WRITE your name AND your PRONUNCIATION (a name without pronunciation will not be counted !)

This giveaway will last for one week until the next Friday, November 23th, 2007

Good luck, and have a nice weekend ;)

p.s: for those of you who don't have a Blogger account, don't hesitate, use the Other option, even anonymous will do ;) just write your name and the pronunciation :)

Get Your Facebook Notified by FizzBoost !

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

FizzBoost, Facebook Notifier - zlythern

FizzBoost, Facebook Notifier - zlythern
Lorien Benjamin Gamaroff developed a really useful desktop application. A Notifier. Yes, FizzBoost a Facebook Notifier!

With recent Facebook hype everywhere around the world, you can get many notifications, message, invites, zombies, slayers, etc.

FizzBoost aims to bring the best in alert program. It's the perfect companion to Facebook.

FizzBoost for Windows exploded onto the scene in mid 2007 and immediately made an impression on Facebook users. Bringing together the best of all the other alert programs, its clean interface and snazzy alerts, FizzBoost is the perfect companion to Facebook.

No need to logged in to your Facebook every ten minutes or so. You won't get caught easily by your boss if you had this FizzBoost, while you can still now what happenin' in your Facebook world ;)

Click to see bigger picture Click to see bigger picture Click to see bigger picture

FizzBoost is packed with a complete feature you can expect for ;)
  • View Facebook Feeds directly in FizzBoost!
  • Update your status directly in FizzBoost without having to go to your Profile Page.
  • A sound for your notification.
  • Twitter Status Updates You can now sync your Status between Facebook and Twitter.
  • Notifications of Friend, Group and Event Invites.
  • Notifications of Pokes, Unread Mail and Unread Shares.
  • The ability to view your friends with convenient shortcuts to Message, Poke, View Profile.
  • Notifications of Wall Posts.
  • View Friend Photo Albums from within FizzBoost.
  • Upload Photos to Albums and Create Albums from within FizzBoost.
  • Nifty Event Viewer
More importantly Lorien the developer of this application is really active on the FizzBoost Applications and Discussion Board ;) This is a very nice situation, i certainly choose an application that really had an active developer, not like others who just create and then ignored it completely! Well, i'm not sayin' that the developer should be there 24/7, i mean if the application was 100% perfect then you can do that. Well that might be a little exaggerating :P but again, it's always nice to see the developer are still around right ?

Anyway, like Lorein said,

Try it... you won't be disappointed!

FizzBoost is the best desktop notifier for Facebook ! Highly recommended for you to try it out ;)

Congratulations to Winners of My Name in Arabic GIVEAWAY

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Name in Arabic GIVEAWAY Winners - zlythern
The Winners of My Name in Arabic GIVEAWAY contest is out.

Congratulations to all the winners ;)

Reem have done a MARVELOUS work on the 3 names ! The screenshot above speaks for it ;)

Each person, gets 3 different FONTS for the name! Instead of just two which i mention in the contest before. This was A VERY GENEROUS of Reem !

Another word, initially i was supposed to mention that a full name would be counted as two names! But then again, Reem is willing to do your full name counted as one ! Thanks Reem ! So the screenshot above is not your full name. But no worry, the results are in your full name ;)

And to Bruno, Joshua and Helen, as soon as you read this post, drop me a mail (look for my email at the very bottom of this page).

Each of you will get 3 formats ! A .jpg .doc and .pdf !
Nice eh ?! ;)

Bottom words, i would like to thanks Reem from My Name in Arabic for all his efforts to make this GIVEAWAY contest possible :)

Congratulations again to all the winners !

My Ubuntu 7.10 Arrived !

Friday, November 09, 2007

Request Ubuntu 7.10 CD - zlythernI made a request for a free CD of the new Ubuntu 7.10 on Oct 19, 2007. And yesterday the thing is arrived ! It took only 3 weeks to ship to Singapore ! That was fast ! :D And the timing is perfect. I'll be spending this weekend with this new toy :P

I had to request a CD coz the file is to big for me to download :P But if you have a decent connection, you might as well download the Ubuntu 7.10 image :)

Ubuntu 7.10 Package - zlythern
Ubuntu 7.10 - zlythern
The whole package was perfect ! The CD nice, no scratch at all :D And it comes with a nice STICKER ! 4 nice Ubuntu Sticker !

And for those of you who wanted to request the CD for free, here you go

Request Ubuntu 7.10 CD - zlythernMany thanks to Canonical and Ubuntu ^^

Happy Deepavali

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Deepavali 2007 - zlythern

Deepavali (in Hindi - दिवाली or दीपावली), is a major Indian festival, significant in Hinduism , Jainism and Sikhism. Celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs across the globe, as the "Festival of Light" where the lights or lamps signify the uplighting of darkness and victory of good over the evil within.

Happy Deepavali 2007

to everyone who celebrates :D

p.s: veron have a nice post regarding the celebration of Deepavali here in Little India, Singapore ;)

Do You Understand "Teen Speak" Language ?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Teen Chat Acronym Decoder

Parents out there, who have kids lurking around the chat room, myspace etc. nowadays these kids have no worry when they chat each other.

This is because they use Acronym to cover their sentence :P and best yet, they use it to type quickly to tell their friends if the parents are coming or nearby :P they called it P911 i never knew this too :P

Teen Chat Acronym Decoder
Not until i found out Teen Chat Decoder ! This super easy to use, accessible everywhere, is a MUST BOOKMARK for you !

You can enter the word in, and the definition will be displayed, and the best thing is, the results are out in AJAX manner :D uh, well, basically you just typed in the word, and you don't need to hit ENTER and wait the page to refresh ;)

Yup, it's so clean and easy, type the word in, and there you have it, NO REFRESH on the page !

AWHFY ? I bet you will l8r ;)

[GIVEAWAY] My Name In Arabic

Friday, November 02, 2007

FREE ! My Name in Arabic - zlythernIn the past I've covered about Reem's service on giving you a free service to write your name in Arabic.

Now, we have a VERY GOOD NEWS for everybody ;)

Reem have decided to give for FREE 3 Arabic Names for 3 lucky reader :)

If you don't know yet, Reem provided this service for free over at his blog.

I am offering you the service of writing your name in Arabic letters for FREE. All I need you to do is send me an email, explaining how your name is pronounced.

The formats I can send the names in are: Word, PDF and JPEG/GIF. You can request only one format, and your name will be in one font only.

And Reem's have a LOTS of requests for this FREE service. But Reem is willing to PRIORITIZE 3 requests.

And not only one font, but your name will came in TWO fonts ! Sounds GOOD eh ?! ;) It sure is ! Reem is very kind to do this ;)

So, what is it that you hafta do to get your name for FREE ? Simple ! I'll explain many ways for you to get your name in Arabic:
  • You can email Reem, and wait for your name to appear.
  • Search through Reem's archive, and wish your name is already there :P

  • Simply post a comment here, WRITE your name AND your PRONUNCIATION (a name without pronunciation will not be counted !)

Those who entered their name and pronunciation here will have HIGH PRIORITY for Reem to work on :D

This giveaway will last for one week :) So the 3 winner will be posted on the next Friday, November 9th, 2007

Tell your friend about this, if they are interested ;) Lets see those name rollin' ! :D

p.s: for those of you who don't have a Blogger account, don't hesitate, use the Other option, even anonymous will do ;) just write your name and the pronunciation :)

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