Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mr. Jim Bumgardner from KRAZYDAD has given me permission to post his blog on mine ^^
I ran across his marvelous site, back in about 2-3 months ago, when i was googling for some tutorials and techniques on how to solve sudoku :P and his site now has been one of my favourites :)

Mr. Jim has a lot of comprehensive and usefull techiniques about sudoku strategies, you really should check it out ;)

As i browse even deeper on his site, i found that he too, made lotsa puzzles, including jigoku - a brilliant twist to sudoku, kakuro, and mazes ! super duper hard mazes ;) ! Mr. Jim even offers a free printable version of his puzzles ;) and if you liked his puzzles, then a little donation could help ;) well at least for the effort right ;)

So, drop by and enjoy the KRAZYDAD ^^ you'll surely hafta bookmark it ;)

Tracking Web2.0

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Prior to the post bout Web2.0 things, now if you're wondering what other sites, has gone Web2.0, and you wanted to know every update, then you can visits these sites that'll do the finding and tracking down those sites ;) After visiting these sites, i realized that i don't know much bout sites that have gone Web2.0 :P hm.. maybe i should gone Web2.0 too ;)

You can browse it by LIST or you can have a look and choose based on the LOGO that interest you ;)

So, have it your way ;)

[source: via]

How Web 2.0-aware Are You?

Monday, August 28, 2006

This is a fun test to try ^^ The test took out the browsing history of yours, and count how many Web2.0 sites that have been visited by you ;)

But you don't hafta to worry that your "history" is being saved or logged, there's some privacy disclaimer by them ^^ so it's safe :)

Well, at least for me, i got to know what are the popular sites that already Web2.0 :P

So if you have some time just try the test ;)


Brain Teaser

Friday, August 25, 2006

Thought i'm gonna share some brain teaser, or intelligence test, or iq test, or somethin like that :P
Well, maybe some of you already knew this ;) The one with the (*) mark means that it was already solved by me ... uhm ... with some friends ... and some google :P but just you boyz and gurlz now, i'm not googling for the answers though :P although if you google it, i'm sure you'll find some ;)

Ok then, without any furtherado here we go :

If you boyz and gurlz have some, feel free to share it in the comment section ;) i'll add it to the list ^^

Have Fun :)

p.s: for the (*) part, if you want the whole answers just pm me :P

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Crazy Egg

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Finally! After all this long, Crazy Egg was officialy launched, maybe i'm a little bit late bout this :P
Yeah, i just got back from my vacation, i had some days off the office for bout 3 days, so i took this chance to go back to my home town ;)

Anyway, back to the egg :P This egg surely must be considered as a tracking tools for your websites, blog, or anythin on the web. With this egg you can find out details of what your visitors are doin' .. uhm.. click'in ;) You can get a full list of what happenin on your site, even to the details of every element on your page that's bein' clicked ;)

So, why not try it for yourself ;) I've installed it on my blog now, maybe in about 1 week i'll show you the results ;)

p.s: ooh, and sorry for the delay on posting ;) i'm back now ^^

[Update 2006-08-25]: It seems that there's a conflict between the scripts this Crazy Egg using, with the moo.fx, because in this page only (where the egg scripts is) all the FX like the scrool thing are not working :( well, i guess i'll leave it that way for 1 week of testing period :P


Web2.0 Logo Creator

Friday, August 18, 2006

There have been a buzz over the Web2.0 Logo Creator which is done by Alex P. With all the Web2.0 thing, this is surely some unique app that Alex developed ;)

You can try it by your own, it even gives you the Flickr style, with the 'r' being in a red color ;)

Generated Image

Oh, and btw, don't forget to check out his Web 2.0 V2 Clock ;)

Blogger BETA!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Finally Blogger is improving it's power ! YES ! They call it the new Blogger BETA! ^^
You can check the Blogger Buzz for the news ;)

There's so muuuuucccch improvement in blogger system, well for more information about what the new feature is, my friend here Roberto was much more experienced than me ^^ you can visit his post here ;) He disscussed with very detailed explanation (plus a little bit humor :P )

Well, for me in particular, i really like the new feature that's been long expected by much other bloggers too i think, now we can all have Custom Access Blog ;) It means, you can protect some posts, and limit it's permission to anyone you wanted to have him/her look at yer post ^^ isn't that cool, hmm... gank secrets, family story sharing, emmbarasing moments only your friends are allowed to see it ;) a lotsa thing you can do with this feature ^^

The other cool thing is the Labels,this is the most awaited features for bloggers i think ;) especially for those who have limited skills on javascripts, and hacking things. Labels now will become CATEGORIES in yer blog ^^ HEH ! have you not waited for this ? ;)
No more complicated javascripts, no more editing your template, no more finding for hacks, it's just there, you just set the Labels for your post, and voila ! You have your Categories ! Yay ^^
This is the long awaited features ^^

Praise the Google, praise the Blogger BETA ! ^^

Well, i hope you all can be patient 'till this thing is in our hand ^^ And let's share the joy boyz and gurlz ^^



Make Up(ing) zlythern

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Today, i did some make up to zlythern ^^ well put a little bit here, put a litlle there, here and there, so far i'm a little satisfied with the look ^^ dunno 'bout you boyz and gurlz though :P

Well, most of the make up goes on the comments area ^^ hopefully all of you can enjoy it, hmm.... maybe i'm gonna post how to make up those thing later on ;)

So, stay tuned ! And have a nice weekend ^^

[Update 2006-08-26] :
- The error for IE was caused by Litebox ! Hm.. dunno where did it goes wrong, so i'm taking off litebox for the moment :P 'till i found a workaround for this, so to all IE ers, enjoy ^^

[Update 2006-08-15] :
- Apparantely there's some error in IE, this is cause by the comment photo hack, so far i've only managed to find the cause, i'll have a look at it later on, is there any of you boyz and gurlz are using IE to read my blog ? If you're experiencing the problem, do leave a comment ^^ Thank you


Why reader's dont comment ?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Yesterday, i've this interesting articles over at the great SOB (Successful and Outstanding Blog[ers]). She bring up some very good points on why readers dont leave comments on your blog.

After i read it, it actually hit me right on some points :P

There's this point that she higlighted at #5

You rarely respond to comments. So, there’s no point in writing one.

Whoaa, what a direct shoot ! And after i considered it, it is true, that for some reasons, when i commented on other blogs, i like to have some respond from the owner of the blog, when i comment at some blogs, i realized that, the reason why i commented on his/her blog, is that he/she always reply to my comment !! This has never been occured to my mind ! It's so simple, yet so important, that i don't even realized it, until i read it !

Well, this could be quite a lesson for all of us, and for me in particular, forgive me for not replying on your comments :P we should all appreciate the comments ;) And lastly i'm so thankful to come across this great article ^^

Kudos to you Liz ! ^^

Birthday Calculator

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Birthday Calculator by Paul Sadowski is a GREAT and UNIQUE yet simple tool on calculating your birthday, PLUS it gives you some very detail on your astrological aspects !

In a summary it provides you the age up till now from your birthday, from how old are you in years, to a precise seconds !

PLUS a lot more interesting stuffs, which i bet you don't know all of it ;) (cause i don't :P) such as :
  • Life Path Number
  • Golden Number
  • Epact Number
  • Julian Calendar
  • Hebrew Calendar
  • Easter Calendar
  • Egyptian month and season
  • Chinese Sign
  • Native American Zodiac Sign
  • Even celebrities who share your birthday ;)
  • And your age if you were a dog ??
  • Birthstone (uhm.. mine is Diamond ^^)
  • And your birth tree !! (a tree? huh? yeah that's my reaction :P)
  • And many statistics data ...

WOW what an incredible stuff ain't it ? ;)

So does that brings some excitement, curiosity, for you ? Hehehe... well go on and give it a go ;)

Making Ambigrams

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lately about 2-3 days, I've been crazy about this ambigrams thing :P Well, honestly, i began the interest in ambigrams since i read Dan Brown's Angel and Demons, in his book, Mr. Brown put some very unique ambigrams words. The looks of the words, captivates my soul immediately ! WOW ! This is soooo amaaaziiing !! (Yeah, that's me at that time :P) Hm.. well but as always, it wasn't last long though :PAfter severals months later, i'm completely forgot bout that thing.

Just until a week ago, when i browse through the internet, i found this marvelous site, which is apparently the site of the one behind the art of ambigrams which appears in Dan Brown's books ! The person is Mr. John Langdon ;) you should visit his marvelous site ! It's a must ! Even just for a one stop by ;) Well, at his site, i found some tips and tricks that encourage me to learn and do my own ambigrams :P so, as the results of some lazy practicing (only when in good mood i practice the tips from Mr. John :P) i came up with these :D Hm.. maybe i'm gonna continue on practicing this ambigrams, maybe not :P but for now, this is my best shots :P And thus, i'm waitin' for some comments or critics or whatever bout my work :P hehehe ... thx a lot boyz and gurlz :D

[Update 2006-08-24]: Added vectorized version of zlythern ^^
[Update 2006-08-08]: Added some ambigrams for Cat ^^ *meow* ;)

Here it is, some pictures for ya ;) ooh, and Mr. John's artwork is marvelous isn't it

Making Ambigrams

Making Ambigrams

Making Ambigrams

Making Ambigrams

Making Ambigrams

Making Ambigrams

Making Ambigrams

Making Ambigrams

Making Ambigrams


24h to 12h

I recently got a hold of some pretty handy tricks to get around with the 12 hours system, the AM/PM, you see i'm not too comfortable in using the 12h systems, i always mistaken by the AM and PM thing :P maybe cause i lived in indonesia, and i'm not very fluent in speaking english, so this 12h sytems is rarely used by me, i prefer the military one, the 24h system.

Well, when i browsing by, i found this tips in order to convert easily and quickly ;)

Here is how to do it :

Take the 24 hour time. Substract with 10 and then take 2 off it. Simple ;)

13 — 3 - 2 = 1pm
14 — 4 - 2 = 2pm
15 — 5 - 2 = 3pm
16 — 6 - 2 = 4pm
17 — 7 - 2 = 5pm
18 — 8 - 2 = 6pm

See ;)

Well i know that it is the same as substracting by 12, so why bother substract with 10 first, and then 2 ? Hm.. well i think maybe because our mind will substract more quicker if we eliminate with 10 and then 2, anybody will not even THINK when you substract numbers with 2 right ? So if you substract with 12, i guess your brain do a little think :P Well it's up to you guyz though :P

p.s: i really really just knew this trick :P hehe.. so don't mock me ok :P peace ! ;)



Tuesday, August 01, 2006

There are times, when i looked into some pictures, logos, i fell in love with the font, but *alas* i know not the beauty's name !

Hm.. well not anymore ;) i found this *worth a try* tools online, it was named WTF?! :P yeah you read it right, WTF?! What The Font ?! ;), where you can upload the images, and you just have to click in order to see the result, it gives you multiple results of the fonts that are similar (if you don't find the exact one) but so far it gives you the best results (in my opinion) ;)

So why don't you try to search again some pictures that have the font you wanted to know eh ? ;)

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