Half Decaf Short 2 Shots Sugar Free Vanilla Organic Milk Caffe Latte

Monday, February 26, 2007

Hm... my favourite Caffe Latte from Starbucks ^^ is composed by those thing, as per today, i finally found it out ^^

With this cute little flash, you can learn how to make your drink ;)

There are so many "terms" that i learn from it :) with it, i can go tellin this and that, put this, add that, to the waitress at starbucks, and made 'em like "wow, this guy sure know a lot bout coffee" hehehe :P

I mean, i never knew we can choose 2% Milk or Breve. Breve ?! Just heard, i mean just read it today :P

And those who always complain the coffee is not hot enough, tell 'em to have it EXTRA HOT ^^

Well, another fun with this Starbucks - Make it your drink, besides learning the brewing of your favourite, you make your own too ;)

And on the final, you can have as a WALLPAPER ^^ up to 1600x1200, nice eh ;)

Initially, there was an offer to have it printed on a T-Shirt, but they run out of stocks it seems :P

But anyway, it was a nice and fun to know what you're drinkin' :D

[via: joey interactive]

FENG GUI - Unique ViewFinder Heatmap

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


There are lotsa type of heatmap analyzing tools out there, most of 'em require a script that hafta be installed on yer page, in order to harvest the data, so you can see the heatmap.

But this Feng-GUI ViewFinder, is rather unique, because it have a different approach on generating the heatmap, it does not require any script at all ;)

It was based on the Salience algorithm, which i've just heard about it when i found Feng-GUI.
The ViewFinder algorithm creates a map of salience site. The charts of salience were developed during the 25 last years by the research laboratories on the numerical vision. The algorithm was developed then compared with the experimental results of research on the movements of the glance, in order to accurately represent the way in which the human ones are attracted by the visual ones.

Basically, it tried to mimic our way of looking at things around us, what is the most capturing to our eyes. It takes into account all aspect of our human eyes, contrasts, colors, textures, and they stated over their blog post that their aim of ViewFinder is to have it behave like an eye and a brain, which scans thing from top to bottom.

So, in conclusion, i think ViewFinder is a great tools to follow, since they have the beta marked on the logo ;)

And if you would want to see more, Feng-GUI lab have a video edition of how the Coca-Cola GTA video is being heated by ViewFinder attention heatmap.

Or maybe look into what they've been researchin' ;)

Oh, and incase you wanna have it, they also provide a bookmarlet too ;) Firefox-er ? No worry, they have an extension too ^^

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2007

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Cai

For all of you who are celebrating the Chinese New Year ^^ This year is the year of Pig ^^ and is my first post for Chinese New Year ^^

Chinese New Year, known in Chinese as the Spring Festival (春节: Chūnjié) or the Lunar New Year (农历新年: Nónglì xīnnián), is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. The festival proper begins on the first day of the first lunar month (正月: zhēng yuè) in the Chinese calendar and ends on the 15th, in which this day is called Lantern Festival (元宵节: yuánxiāojié). Lantern Festival is also known as the fifteenth night (十五晚: shíwǔwǎn or 十五暝: cha̍p-gō·-mê).

It is known as a tradition that we must clean the house before the Chinese New Year start. And i'm planning to do so after getting home from the office :P Surely will take a lot of time, since it's quite a mess :P

And to NEVER, clean the house at the Chinese New Year ! Even you may not touch the brom to swept dust. Since it was told that it can swept away your luck for the entire year ;)

Another one is, that supposedly we and the family unite together on the Chinese New Year's eve to have a dinner together. This one unfortunately, i can't do it this year :( since, i dont have a day off from my office, and since the Chinese New Year is tommorow, on Sunday, so no holiday for me :(

The New Year's Eve dinner is very sumptuous and traditionally includes chicken and fish. Fish (魚: yú) is included, but not eaten up completely (and the remainder is stored overnight), as the Chinese phrase 年年有餘 (nián nián yǒu yú), which means "may there be surpluses every year", sounds the same as "may there be fish every year."

The other serving, is usually the so called Buddha's delight (罗汉斋: luóhàn zhāi), an elaborate vegetarian dish traditionally comprising 18 ingredients, is often served by Chinese families on the first day of the New Year.

And there's some ingredient called "fat choy" in Cantonese, which is kinda like some black hair-like moss, is also featured in Buddha's delight and other dishes, since its name sounds similar to "prosperity." Thus the word on Gong Xi Fa Cai or Gong Hei Fat Choy came from ;) We usually have kiu nyuk (扣肉) too, one of my favorite ^^

After that we usually get a red envelope (红包: hóng bāo) which contain money in it ;) this is some sort of tradition too, and is typically given by married to the unmarried. Some say it's given by the elder to the younger too ;) or those who already can earn money themselves to those who can't yet :) The money that contained within the hóng bāo is required to be of an even number, since it's a well known that an odd numbers are related to money given during funerals.

Now, to some of my knowledge and some wikipedia :P Maybe i'll give some tour about what we do on the 15 day of Chinese New Year ^^

On to the first day of Chinese New Year, is the most important, where families will pay a visit to their oldest and most senior member of their extended family, usually their parents, grandparents or great-grandparents. And of course when we visited them, we get another hóng bāo ^^

The second day of the Chinese New Year is for married daughters to visit their birth parents.

Third day and fourth of the new year, is the time where we must stop visiting for a while. The reasons is either both of these, or one of these

1) It is known as "chì kǒu" (赤口), meaning that it is easy to get into arguments. It is suggested that the cause could be the fried food and visiting during the first two days of the New Year celebration.

2) Families who had an immediate kin deceased in the past 3 years will not go house-visiting as a form of respect to the dead. The third day of the New Year is allocated to grave-visiting instead. Some people conclude it is inauspicious to do any house visiting at all.

The fifth day we have Jiǎo zi (饺子) (dumplings) on the morning of Po Wu. This is also the birthday of the Chinese god of wealth. And some people may re-open the store on this day ^^ along with some firecrackers ;)

And on the fifteenth day of the new year which is the last day of the traditional New Year's celebrations. It is celebrated as Yuánxiāo jié (元宵节), the Chinese Valentine's. Some poeple called it Chap Goh Mei.

On this day Tangyuan (汤圆: tāngyuán), a sweet glutinous rice ball brewed in a soup, is served ^^ i usually cant eat too much of this :P just a bowl would be enough :P my mom use to make a whole lots of it, and insisted the children to eat it all :P

Depending on locality, the same day may also be celebrated as the Lantern Festival, or as the Chinese Valentine's Day.


Lastly here are some Superstitions during the New Year period ;)

Good Luck

  • Opening windows and/or doors is considered to 'bring in' the good luck of the new year.
  • Switching on the lights for the night is considered good luck to 'scare away' ghosts and spirits of misfortune that may compromise the luck and fortune of the new year.
  • Candy is eaten to ensure the consumer a "sweet" year.

Bad Luck

  • Buying a pair of shoes is considered bad luck. The word "shoes" is a homophone for the word for "rough" in Cantonese.
  • Buying a pair of pants is considered bad luck. The word "pants" is a homophone for the word for "bitter" in Cantonese. (Although some perceive it to be positive as the word 'pants' in Cantonese could be a homophone for the word for "wealth".)
  • A hair-cut is considered bad luck. The word "hair" is a homophone for the word for "prosperity". Thus "cutting hair" could be perceived as "cutting away your prosperity" in Cantonese.
  • Sweeping the floor is considered bad luck, as it will sweep away the good fortune and luck for the new year; in the same way that having a bath will wash away the good fortune.
  • Talking about death is inappropriate for the first few days of Chinese New Year, as it is considered inauspicious as well.
  • Buying books is bad luck, because it is a homonym to the word "lose".


Lastly to all of you who celebrate,

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous year of the pig ^^

[reference taken heavily from wikipedia]

Lace Again Those Shoes

Mr. Ian Fieggen a.k.a Professor Shoelace brought me a whole new perception on those boring routine you hafta with yer new sneakers :P

I mean, i never thought of those lacing, could become an art ! I mean, look at these lacing,

That is just some of all the marvelous collection of Professor's Shoelace ^^

Hmm.. this could bring some fun again, for the weekend, revamping your shoelace ^^ especially for those who celebrate the Lunar New Year ;) when hunting 'hóng bāo' (紅包) ;)

Well, have a fresh new activity on this weekend everybody ^^

[via: sneakerfreaker]

Happy Valentine

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

To my lovely girlfriend

Happy Valentine
art by antz81

May Our Love Last Forever


And Happy Valentine to everybody too ^^

Blogger: More on Using Conditional Tags

Monday, February 12, 2007

Lately, i've been having lotsa trouble on converting my old template, to the new Layout Template, most of the problem i face is, regarding the new and STRICT XHTML checking by Blogger.

Well, fyi, my old template, uses conditional tags, heavily. With those tags, you can add a lot of varieties to your blog face :)

And since i moved to this New Blogger, i've been trying to convert my template to the new Layout, facing the annoying new conditional tags. Since i wanted to make the post's comments appearing in the main page, but this can't be done on the new one !

Not to mention the trouble, of getting some javascript to work on certain conditional tags. And i was about to give up on modifying my template.

But then again, our great Bleet Aditya, has done it again ^^

He had a great awesome posts, regarding to the new Layout Template on Blogger, along with all the explanations on how to use it, how to get creative with it ;) even how to put javascript in it. PERFECT !

A must have, reference for all blogger's ^^

Kudos to Aditya :)

Happy Handy Monitor Calendar

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Get this thing, and dock it on your monitor ;)

Happy Handy Monitor Calendar
Thanks J. Chris ^^

Favicon 2 Dots ?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hm... found a new toy, don't know what this is for, but it's fun ^^
You can turn a Favicon to a Dot like one, in 3D shape :)

Mine is shown at the left, but the size is a litte big :| around 60kb ++

They, provided a bookmarklet too :) incase you wanted to try it when you see some good favicon ^^

So, i'm still figurin out, what this Favicon2Dots do any good to us ?

Well, anyway, you might wanna try it yourself ;)

Identifrac - Unique Visual Identification

Monday, February 05, 2007

Jesse Dubay from Perfect Symmetry, got inspired by Don Park’s Identicon idea, and created his very own version of Identifrac - Unique Visual Identification, a fractal version ;)

Each, visitor, will have a unique picture, based on his/her IP, mine is shown in the picture at the right :) and i love that it's GREEN ^^

And Jesse stated a very nice statement, that is more like this, since Identifrac are fractals, this mean the picture CAN BE RENDERED in ANY SIZE ! ;) although Jesse has limited the maximum size to 1024x1024, but well, this is a very nice one ;) since the picture will not become jaggy or weird lookin' ;)

And with some little geekiness, you can do like this (taken from Jesse):

<img src="julia.php&v=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&s=XXX&r=Y&ob=Y&a=Y" />


v = An 18-character hexadecimal code
s = Size of image in pixels

Options (set to 1 to enable):

r = Ignore v and generate a random code
ob = Maximize color brightness instead of color saturation
a = Render on transparent instead of black background

Great one ^^ .. hm i wonder if the bleet will take this one to blogger comments, as a hack ;P

Anyway, be sure to drop some comment on Jesse's ;)

The Project Cartoon

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Project Cartoon

This cartoon stripes (click here for the PDF one i'm avoiding hotlinking, visit their site to get the pdf), have been over the internet for quite some time, and when i saw it, it just "CLICK" my mind to the whole "Project" thing ;)

Project Cartoon
Click to see the bigger picture

Since then, many people are creating similar cartoon, but now, with the existence of The Project Cartoon (Beta), you too, can create those cartoon ;)

There are currently 18 picture, each of it have a description/caption, on which you can edit to make your own version ;) you can drag and drop the picture to make your own arrangement too ;)

Lotsa, creative and unique versions derived from the original, that can be seen for your viewing pleasure, at their gallery ;)

So, shall we s see your own version ? ;)

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