Light or Lite ?

Friday, July 28, 2006

For those of you boyz and gurlz, who already know the Lightbox JS, congratulations :P Well, it was an awesome javascript to put on your blog/website which allow you to extend the flexibility, functionality, and beauty of your pictures gallery :)

But, after i considered to use the Lightbox JS, somethin' went a little bit on the wrong side :P when i went to some cybercafe, then i opened up my blog, it appears to me that the Lightbox took a looooooong tiiimeeee to load ! And this problem could be serious to some 56k ers :P so then, this was caused by the size of javascript itself, which is around 100KB (the whole package), so i decided to remove the javascript temporarily, i even planning on optimizing the size of the javascript itself ! after i tried it .. then ... *gosh* this is impossible for me to do ! :lol: then i stopped on doin' the great plan :P And so the page was moved to my googlepages ;)

But then, after that, someone pops out the LITE version of the LIGHT ! OMG this is so freakin' awesome ! That guy did the Great Plan which i have in mind back then ! And he did it without any difficulty, it was like some kinda mission impossible, and the mission was acomplished ! Applause to him ! You can visit him at his site here. And you can see the significant change on the size ! He bring it down to about 25KB ! WOW ! Impressive eh ?!

So now, i'm getting excited to bring this thing up my blog again :)

Me & My Messy Room

Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy  Room Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room MMMR Me & My Messy Room Me & My Messy Room

My S88

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hm... i got a new cellphone or is it a mobile phone ? (is anybody know the difference?) well, anyway it's BenQ-Siemens S88 ^^

And last night i made some flash, just for fun, it's somekind of promoting some features on my S88 :P well, maybe another phone got this feature too :P

Anyway enjoy :) and tell me which one do you like the most :D

p.s: ooh and that is me on the LCD, hmm... i sure do gain some weight :lol:


Monday, July 24, 2006

Amongst all of the personality test that i take, either it's online, or from the books, or anythin' this one is one of the most accurate ;) it's covers almost all of your life aspects ;) The way the test bein' give to you is unique ;) and you answer it in a unique way too ;) so you take the test with a more fun, enjoyable experience then like one of those tests you take on an exam :P

This personaldna test according to the author was designed by a team of professional psychologists ;). It employs innovative answering techniques, allowing for increased accuracy and an enjoyable process.

So, let's try your personality then, shall we ? ;)

What? Why?

Hm... i don't know what happened to Blogger, in the past 5-8 days !! Usually i'm able to logged in to blogger, and make posts, but the last few days, i can't to that ! AT ALL !

And you now what ? I'm beggining to feel irritated ! IRRITATED ??!! What happened to me ? OMG, i guess blogging is beggining to become part of my activity, that i don't realized it, untill it hit me, with the thing like, i'm not bein able to blog ... noooo ...!! well somethin like that :P

In the last week till yesterday, i can only post a comment on blog, and it gets worst on the last 2-3 days ! I have had a terrible accident, if you could call it an accident ?! Yesterday mornin, i opened up my blog, and the results is some kind of text ... which is a part of javascript and style and etc... it was kinda like the page have been CUT off in half, uhm.. it's not even half of the page i think ! Then i tried to logged in to blogger, but i can't ! Almost half a day !
Lucky me, on the afternoon, i do managed to logged in, and i go straight away to the template setting, and guess what ? ... Yes ! The template is missing, a big part of it ! OMG, how come this happened ?! Hm... well lucky i have backed up the template (i've lost one before !) so i reposted the template again, and when i hit the save button .... TADA !! The page is BLANK !! yes! BLANK !! OMG !! The tragedy continues ... for almost an hour ! Well, in the end, i managed to save and republish my blog ! *phew*

Well, guess that's it folks, so my appologize to all the readers, who have been waitin for me to post somethin ;)

Well enjoy the new posts ;) See ya around :)


Sunday, July 23, 2006


If you are a diary writer, or a person who love to keep tracks of your life events, memorabilia, sweet moments, sad things, etc. or you love to freeze things in pictures, then you must try to visit this site !

You can use Dandelife to create your own personal biography and tell your life's stories and then share that with the rest of the world. Imagine all your own notes on all the people you've met, the places you've been, the events you've gone to and the stories you could tell about them all.

If you have pictures, photos or even video, then worry not, you can upload those to Dandelife and write stories about the people, places, things and events in them. What can be more good than that ? ;)

So, go give it a try ;)


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Check out this marvellous application that Nils K. Windisch made :) this flickrInspector displays publicly available data about single flickr users. It might come to handy if you know a specific username, or maybe for just searching around ? ;)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

If you saw the proverbs on my header of the blog, well, uhmm... i took it from ;P
This simple and clean site provides chinese proverbs/idioms in a period of almost one proverbs a day ;)

The proverbs / idioms comes in a very simple yet understanable, cause it contains the meaning in english ;) as for the chinese one, it came with 2 versions, the traditional characters, and the simplified one ;) for more excitement, it even has it's own pinyin with pronountiation tones ;)

Well, just go visit 'em ;) and don't forget to drop a line or two to them ;)

Have a nice weekend ;)

Page Strength ?

Thursday, July 13, 2006 has made some interesting tools to test your web Page Strength. For some people who is kinda (ehm..) 'fanatic' bout SEO then this tools might help out on considering some factors for your web pages ;)

Quoting from the author :

The tool is designed to satisfy the curiosity of webmasters, surfers and web marketing professionals seeking a better metric to quickly assess a site/page's relative importance and visibility.

But of course this tool is not limited to some specific users or whatsoever, everybody can have fun with this ;)

Hm... mine is like this

still... a long ... long .. way ... to go ;P

Lemmings ;)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Did any of you know The Lemmings from an old time ;) well there's this awesome guy who re-created the game in DHTML using Javascript ! OMG ! That is awesome !

Well nuff' said, go visit the site, and enjoy the trip back to the old nostalgic time ;)


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hm... today is the last day of my NeoCounter trial from NeoWORX: Quality tools for your web site and blog.

Well, when i started blogging, in honest, i don't have any readers AT ALL :P in fact i don't really know how to attract others to read my blogs. And i don't make one single announcement to any of my friends that i have blogged. Too lazy to spread the words, kinda like some salesman trying to sell somethin door to door :P

And at first, i don't seem to interested in bringing up readers to my blog either. Well, i thought that, yeah, i blog my own way, i blog anything that i wanted to blog, and i'm not the typical blogger, who blog my daily routines, my story, or my life, or anythin' bout that. Coz, i don't like doin' that, i don't even like the idea of a diary or somethin' :P no offense to all the bloggers who write that way ok ;) it's just me, it's just that i don't feel like i wanna blog that way .... hm... but it seems, now i'm on that way :P this post sounds like it right ;p

Back to topic now :P Ok, after bloggin' for some time, i realized that i'm beginning to want some popularity :P well, at least i know that i have somebody to read my blog :P so, i search google, there are a lots of tools, web service, etc. who can give u some traffic to yer blog. So i give it a try. It goes to NeoWORX, since it can display flags of countries :P i like the way it looked on yer sidebar or anythin' :) But NeoWORX gave it a TRIAL, which mean on some period after the first time you try it, some features will be disabled, unless you upgrade it to a Premium one, which of course, cost u some money ;) and the period for the TRIAL is 2 weeks. So i think, hm.... 2 weeks eh ? Well, why not ?! :P

And the good news is, IT IS gave you some TRAFFIC ;) yay ^^ Well, forgive me for bein' happy just to see some visitors from other countries :P I'm new to the blogging world remember ;) So this is like some joy and motivation for me to keep on bloggin ;)

Well, here it is some screen shots, of the NeoCounter on my footer of the blog, which i removed by now, because it no longer display the cute little flags :P The screen shots was taken 2 days before the trial periods ends, and the day before the trial periods ends (in the morning and in almost midnight)

2 days before trial ends in the morning b4 trial ends almost midnight before trial ends

Well, that's all bout it boyz and gurlz, not bad for a 2 weeks of trial eh ;) so if you want to give it a try, then shoot, if you're bored with this kind of story, just yell at me at the comments :P anyway you liked it, it's your life anyway :P

And have a nice weekend ^^


Flash Mind Reader

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today i've found this amazing Flash Mind Reader which created by Andy Naughton at Cyberglass Design. This is a very creative, and tricky, yet entertained Flash thing ;)

Quoting from the author of this flash :

The Mind Reader was created while experimenting with math in Flash. We accidentally stumbled across a mind reading algorithm, which is used in this psychic movie...

So, without further ado, here it is, the amazing Flash Mind Reader

But, wait a minute, let's look again the quote, it says : '...was created while experimenting with math in Flash...' Hmm... so there's a MATH ?! behind it ?! Well, well, well, so i've saw that math thing, and began googling, and voila, i've found the solution for the mind reader ;)

So, here it is, you may click here if you want to find out ;)

Simple Next-Prev Link

Saturday, July 01, 2006

One thing that I've always wanted to put on my blog page, is some cool scrolling fx :P something like when i clicked the link then it goes scrolling smoothly :P Well after searching and experimenting, there are lots of javascripts out there to achieve this kind of FX, you can always find it using google ;)

But my last choice was on moo.fx :) why do i choose moo.fx and what the heck is moo.fx ?? Well moo.fx is a super lightweight javascript effects library, it was only around 4-5kb ! Imagine those size ! While others provided the same effects, they can take up to more than 50kb even above 100kb ! For me size does matter, since in indonesia here, there's still plenty of 56k ers :P

So, i began to wrote the javascript in order to make a link to each post on the Main Page :)

In order to make this thing goes smoothly, then you'll have to add the moo.fx to your page, i suggest that you download and host the javascript by yourself ;)

Well, then on with the simple thing on how to make the Next-Prev Link, at the moment this idea came up, i think of it this way, 'Hm.. in order to link to each post, then i have to make some unique id' and that's it ;)

So i create a <div> tag which contain some id, the id itself was simple, i use the id npl1, npl2, npl3, npl4, npl5 ... and so on :)

So for each post there's a div tag like this :
<div id="npl1"> .....(this is where i put the next prev link)...... </div>

Now, the next thing is that we have to make some javascript to do numbering id. In order to have it done, you'll have to add this code, just before the </head> tag

<script type="text/javascript">
/* Simple Next Prev Link using moo.fx by Efendi, Kwok - 2006-07-01 */
function NextPrevLink() {
  // properties
  this.count = 1;
  // methods
  this.IncCount = npIncCount;
function npIncCount() {
function nextPrevClick(n) {
  new fx.Scroll().scrollTo($('npl'+n));

This is the main class that i created for the Next-Prev Link ^^ well, the idea is simple, you just to hold the value for the <div> tag :)

and then go find your <Blogger> and <BlogDateHeader> tag in your template, and then put this script, which will looked like this :
<script type="text/javascript">
  var np = new NextPrevLink();

    <h2 class="date-header"><$BlogDateHeaderDate$></h3></h2>
    document.write('<div id="npl' + np.count + '" align="right">');
    if (np.count-1 != 0) document.write('<span id="pl'+ np.count +'" style="cursor:pointer;" onclick="nextPrevClick('+(np.count-1)+');">Prev</span>');
document.write('<span id="nl'+ np.count +'" style="cursor:pointer;" onclick="nextPrevClick('+(np.count+1)+');"> Next</span>');

now this code is divided into 3 main code
  1. It writes the <div id="..."> tag with the numbering, as for this the id will be npl1 npl2 npl3 npl4 npl5 and so on ( npl is Next Prev Link :P)
  2. Make the Next Prev Link inside the <div> so that when we clicked on it, it'll scroll to post related
  3. Increment the number ! (This is the biggest thing ;)) We increment the number so that the next post will have a different id ;)

Well that's it ;)

Oh wait .. there another one :P In the very bottom one find the </Blogger> tag then you add this one script right after that tag:
  $('nl'+(np.count-1)).style.display = "none";
That script is a little cheating :P the scripts will make the Next link to disappear from the last post ;)

or you can change the script to this: [Update]
  $('nl'+(np.count-1)).style.visibility = "hidden";
This as Johan Sundström says, is a good idea when you go to the main page and press Next until you run out of posts. Then the mouse cursor isn't positioned above a lack of Next button, as you would expect, to realize you ran out of posts, but rather on a Prev button suggesting there are additional posts.

Well that's all about it now :) You may try to put it on your blog ^^ And umm... don't forget to mention my name ok ;)

Have a nice weekend ^^

[Update 2006-08-14]:
  • For this hacks to work, you must host the moo.fx javascript file first ;) (thx to Raquel for pointing this out ^^)

[Update 2006-07-03]:
  • Added the initialization necessary for the script to be working, sorry i forgot to include it on the post :P the: var np = new NextPrevLink();

[Update 2006-07-02]:
  • Updated some typo mistake, pointed out by Caso Patologico, i open "h2 class date-header" and close with /h3, now it's fixed ! Thanks man ^^
  • Added some alternative to the user for the last script, this was pointed out by Johan Sundström, go give him a visit, he has a GREAT site ;) Thx Johan for dropping by, it's an honor to me ^^ and linking my post (mistaken with John @ Freshblog give him a visit too ;) )

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