How Well Can You Hear Shapes ?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Now after you know that you are not Tone Deaf, it's time to see whether you can hear the shapes ?!

So, what is this test called AMVI all about ?

What is AMVI? Associative Musical Visual Intelligence (or "amvi" for short) is a type of intelligence that's difficult enough to define, let alone test. Many creative people can associate across sensory domains: they "hear" hints of shapes and can "taste" the essense of colors. At its most extreme this phenomenon is called syntesthesia. However, I believe that creative people subconsciously employ elements of syntesthesia every day when attempting to think of things in new ways. This test attempts to measure one's ability to associate musical phrases with abstract shapes and symbols.

This is entirely a different thing then the Tone Deaf Test I've blogged before. Surely is another piece of good test from Mr. Jake Mandell!

After the overwhelming success of the Tone Deaf Test Mr. Jake Mandell done a research with Dr. Schlaug at the Music and Neuroimaging Laboratory at Beth Israel / Harvard Medical School. And they gave birth to this awesome test.

As usual, you'll be given a piece or two music, and you'll have to answer, what could be the appropriate shapes that represent the music ;)

It's quite challenging and fun ! On some questions I had to hit the Replay button for more than 10 times ! :P

Anyway, here's my score for the first try :P

Give it a try ;) And don't forget to pay Jake a visit ;)

Have a nice weekend everybody ^^

An Excuse For Lack of Post

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Adam@Home by Brian Basset
Many bloggers sometimes need an excuse for the lack of post, it's not that they don't like to blog, they do. It's just that sometime they really don't have anything to blog about.

And that is just another excuse :P to keep your reader updated, that you're still blogging. Blogging about the thing that you don't have something to blog today. Nice eh ? ;)

See more of Brian Basset's Adam@Home here ;)

p.s: Another excuse from me, I really am very busy at office ;) but then again you might find something nice on my bookmark at ;)


Friday, May 02, 2008

Even though Ned Batchelder is in his mid-forties, the creativity and the brains sure aren't old !

Ned bring ASCII Art to the next LEVEL with this CSS Homer, animated !!

CSS Homer Simpson Animated

Ned took the inspiration for the animated from the work of Román Cortés, the brain behind the brilliant Homer Simpson ASCII.

o o o o ( O O O \ L ( O O O O O \ L ( O | | \ \ | | \ \ \ \ ( ( 8 o o o ( ( 8 o o o o ) ) b o O o o o o o o ) b o O o o o o o o o o o / / / • • • • • _ _ _ • • • C C O ( -

Ned took the beautiful Román Cortés's ASCII above and animate it ! A pleasant to see ^_^

Hopefully we'll see Ned's animated version of Román Cortés's George Bush ASCII Art

KUDOS to both ! ASCII Art surely have LEVELED UP ! Brilliant stuff !!

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