The Last Word - Gold Edition Has Arrived !

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Last Word

Aditya Mukherjee, a very talented blogger in both design and scripting, has released another edition to his blog layout !

A really beautiful one ! All of the graphics are hand-made by himself ! Oh man, you see, he was one of my blogging hero :) The one who guided, and patiently teach me on layouting etc. so i can make my own design too.

Last Word, load up, much much faster now :) and i'm glad that he's using Dan's CodeHiglihter now, that is much lightweighted ;)

But still, i hate the :P i prefer mootools instead ;)

And i said, he's a genius scripter too, one of the great assets to blogger, he releases brilliant hacks, you can find those hacks on his right sidebar ;)

Great one, man ^^

Oh, and a note, the "topright-back" are a little bit off ;) on 1280x1024 :P

2000 Bloggers - Are You One ?

Monday, January 29, 2007

[Update 2007-02-07]: Sellsius made a good post in defense of the 2000 bloggers ^^

[Update 2007-02-06]: This Project was now closed ! Due to the protest of some blogger, and Technorati listened to them.

Well, i dont really know about this thing, mentioned as some kinda of damaging, or that kinda thing, Dr. Tony Hung, got some good summary about this.

Lastly, those who are in the Project, let this be some nice memories :)


Tino Buntic from Trade Pals, coined the idea for Project 2000 Bloggers.
There are dozens of social networks that bring the blogosphere together, with Technorati and MyBlogLog being two of the biggest. I wanted to bring a whole bunch of bloggers together on one page. 2000 bloggers to be exact!

In only just about 2 weeks, there have been around 1k ++ bloggers that joined this project, including me ;) (can spot mine ?)

The response to this was quite amazing to watch :) And Tino is surely workin hard on addin the bloggers ;) mine got up there real quick ;)

This project is on Digg too ;)

Some bloggers, even go into creating the badges like you see above :)

Others are experimenting with this project as a social experiment.

Also read the interesting interview that Li Evans conduct with Tino himself ;)

So nonetheles, this project is a great and original idea, simply simple ;)

So, i hope everybody who read this can join the project too ;)

See ya there ^^

Dock Icons

Saturday, January 27, 2007

High quality icons for u to use ! It's DEVIANT !! What more do you expect ? ;)

Now, you'll have something to spent for the rest of your weekend ;)

Go grab 'em ^^


Piano Hero

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Have you ever wanted to play any MIDI song with "Guitar Hero"-like falling notes ?!

Well, then Nicholas Piegdon from Halite Studios has a nice "Piano Hero" for us ;)

Here's what he have for us :)

* Learn to play music on your real keyboard.
* Inspired by Harmonix's innovative Guitar Hero gameplay.
* Supports any MIDI file.
* Practice left or right handed parts separately.
* Slow songs down while learning new parts.
* Open Source (MIT License).

And the interface looks promising too ^^

After you select a MIDI file to play (if you dont have one then Nicholas have some suggestion on where to find it ^^) you can choose on which instrument you wanna play ;) you can play all of it, if you think you're a HERO ;)

On each instrument there's a button to play, for checking the notes that will be played, so you can choose wether you wanna play it manually, or have 'em played automatically :)

After that, prepare your finger :) and hit it boyz and gurlz :D

Oh, yes, of course you need a MIDI input for playing this ;)

Scoble is Dieting ?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

It's already been a few days, and it seems that Mr. Scoble is on a diet with his Google Sharing.

Hm.. dunno what happened, is he stopped on looking for something to post on his google ? Or been busy ?

That makes me wonder, if Mr. Scoble could ever find this post too :P

But anyway, your Shared Item, was the best Mr. Scoble ;)

So i really wanted you to start feeding me and the others again :)

Cheers ^^

(Not so) Ultimate Bible Quiz

Monday, January 22, 2007

My .. my .. my ... guess this was a (Not so) Ultimate Bible Quiz :P
Anyway ... i think i made about 5-7 lucky guess ;) and am lucky ^^

You know the Bible 100%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes

[via: A Welsh View]

[Update] Just found out there's this SAB site, which is pretty interesting. If you have the time i encourage you to read it, and be sure to read their About page too ;)

p.s: been very very busy lately, so i'll drop a little bit of my blogging frequencies :P
and in that time make sure you check some goodies at the bottom right of this page ;)


Web2.0 MindCloudMap

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Markus Angermeier created a unique Web2.0 MindCloudMap which he posted on flickr.

Web2.0 MindCloudMap by Markus Angermeier

[click for bigger picture]

And the whole issue is even availible as a free pdf download.

There's some nice conversation about this at the comment section
irdial says:
Thinking aloud, this and Stabilo Boss's images are beautiful but less useful than a vanilla HTML page list of urls. This image doesn't tell you what you have and have not visited, for example. It is unordered, so you cant step through it. As a beautiful study of logos Stabilo's is perfect, and this one, since it is more utilitarian should be ideally have just one link to a plain page of HTML links...perhaps on a blog post.

kosmar says:
in fact: you are right and i am thinking of putting a website/blog online that does what you are talking about.

So, shall we have it Mr. Markus ? ;)

Anyway, there are other versions of language too, which you can take a look, if you do speak these languages ;)

- German Version
- Chinese Version
- Korean Version
- more of other languages here

For me, the nicest thing this map bring is this ;)


Easily Display Feedburner Circulation Data

Joost de Valk have created a nice little API to provide us, a graphical chart for displaying the Feedburner Circulation Data (Well as to my knowledge is how much subscribers you have, somethin like that)

Using the FeedBurner Awareness API, you can extract the circulation data for a blog for a given period of time. If you do this for the last year, you can draw a nice graph of how your RSS subscribers have progressed over the years.

The results (which is dynamic, since it's an API ^^) will looked like this:

Feed circulation data for zlythern

Zlythern's Circulation Data in 6 months Range

Yes, you can have it embeded in your page ;) Joost de Valk is kindly provided the code for us ;)

If you're having trouble with the Graph, then check out his explanation at the bottom of this page ;)

Blogger: A Thought About Conditional Tag

Saturday, January 13, 2007

If you learned something new, there will be something that'll bother you. For me it was the Old Blogger's Conditional Tag !

With the Old Blogger's Conditional Tag you can use it to it's full extent, something as Custom View Using Blogger Tag ;)

When first i learned about those tags, and understand it, i found it really useful if you wanted to play along, especially with some flow on how your blog will be.

But on the New Blogger ! Those tags are not exists anymore ! Blogger give us widgets for these, and provided the pageType attributes too, which i think was for somekind of substitute for the Conditional Tags.

pageType - (Optional) Can be "all," "archive," "main," or "item," with "all" as the default. The widget will only display on the designated pages of your blog. (All widgets display on the Page Elements tab, regardless of thier pageType.)

But for me this is USELESS ! I can't see the advantage of using this ! Even the phydeaux3 the Bleet said something about this too !

And to make it even worse ! The value of those pageType are different in the other Blogger's Help Page !!
pageType: The type of the current page. One of 'item', 'archive', or 'index'.

One says 'all' the other says 'index' ????!!!!! DAMN ! And i've been trying the 'all' value !

You see on another point of view, with the absence of the Conditional Tags for the New Blogger (i mean if you used the new Layout and Template of course) is that you CAN'T play with the post's comments anymore on the MAIN page anymore ! (or should i say INDEX page ?!)

If you look at the help page, it says like this:
comments: A list of all comments for this post (on item pages only).

So we CAN'T do the FAMOUS PEEK-A-BOO again on the MAIN / INDEX page ANYMORE ! It was such a pity given that the very first peek-a-boo of blogger says:
Here we want to remove the tags so that the comments will be available on all pages.

But not that it's imposibble, it's DOABLE, but you have to tweak it, and it's using JAVASCRIPT HEAVILY ! The method is to get the data using JSON which in this case is the comments feed for that post, and display it.

So, users with javascripts disabled will not be getting those comments, and it's some of my concerns, coz i know from my stats that are quite many users that came here are having the javascripts disabled.



Why do we hafta do all things with javascript ?! Not all bloggers have the knowledge of this! It's already HARD ENOUGH understanding your new TAGS (with limited documentation and samples)!

Blogger: Singpolyma Templates for new Blogger

Friday, January 12, 2007

As i'm beginning to learn more and more of the new Blogger, i found it that Blogger still lacks some documentation ! And this gets me frustated, but you see, when you got into trouble, we all have a Bleet (Blogger Elite) which in this case is Stephen Paul Weber a.k.a Singpolyma.

He is a genius one on Blogger thing. And so my first step on learning Blogger will be the template first ! And Singpolyma has already provided some templates which you can learn, do some modification, run a trial and error, and lotsa more ! Even more, Singpolyma added a very great value to those templates by including tutorials on his posts !

Singpolyma surely is a great assets among Blogger's blogger ;)

So after i mastered this template thing, maybe i'll cover up some tutorials for it, since Blogger documentation is S.U.C.K ! They only give the outline of the new tag, with very limited Example of Use !

So first thing first, is Singpolyma Templates ^^ then we'll go to the other Bleet for more hacks ;)

One step at a time :)

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Test

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test designed to assist a person in identifying some significant personal preferences. Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers developed the Indicator during World War II, and its criteria follow from Carl Jung's theories in his work Psychological Types.

AFAIK, this MBTI was worth taking, because it provides you nearly accurate results ! Even big companies's HRD used it in order to test their future employee.
The Indicator is frequently used in the areas of academia, group dynamics, employee training, leadership training, marriage counseling, and personal development.

Peter Bromberg from has made some tests, according to the MBTI method.
The actual MBTI can only be administered by a licensed practitioner; however there have been a number of well-designed "clones" over the years, of which the test you can take here is one. My test has 69 questions, carefully culled from a valid question pool, that are oriented more towards our visitor audience of programmers. However, anyone can take the test and it will provide a valid type determination. It is important to answer all the questions, even if you have to think for a while, in order to get a statistically valid preference type result. It is estimated that 70 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have utilized the MBTI, so it is a test with a lot of credibility.

Below are the 16 MBTI personality archetypes :

SupervisorProviderTeacherField Marshal


My results shows me that i am an

INTJ - The Free-Thinker

INTJs are strong individualists who seek new angles or novel ways of looking at things. They enjoy coming to new understandings. They are insightful and mentally quick; however, this mental quickness may not always be outwardly apparent to others since they keep a great deal to themselves. They are very determined people who trust their vision of the possibilities, regardless of what others think. They may even be considered the most independent of all of the sixteen personality types. INTJs are at their best in quietly and firmly developing their ideas, theories, and principles.


So Take The Test and find out yourself, and share the results ;)

[original source]

Yahoo! - MyBlogLog is OFFICIAL

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

For those of you, who are a big fan, and a loyal one to MBL (like me) ;) MBL is MyBlogLog incase you didn't know, i've covered it sometime ago, and made a little guide myself :P

There's a great news !

And hereby i wanna congratz to Eric and the guyz at MBL :)

The Jig is Up -- MyBlogLog joins Yahoo!

MyBlogLog is becoming a part of Yahoo! We're all moving to San Francisco.

Yahoo! is going to put loads of resources into MyBlogLog and help us roll out a ton of new features. Plus, we're moving to their infrastructure, which should help with those occasional slowdowns.

Made you smile when reading it eh ;)

And according to Om Malik which had a dinner with Scott Rafer, chairman of Orlando, Florida-based MyBlogLog, the news is true ;) Yahoo buys MyBlogLog… for real!

So, let MBL become more and more powerfull ^^

CONGRATZ again ^^

Bloggeratto is DEAD ...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Yeah.. i have proof of it ! If you don't believe it, then when you go to Bloggeratto, you'll find this :

Avatar, can't be reached on these past few days, email him, still no reply. So i presume he is DEAD.

But that's a joke :P So just relax :P As i've said it before, if Avatar is silent, he is doin some DEADly thing ;)

And you know what ? Those days when i can't reach him, it was due to the fact that Avatar, is preparing somethin, some REAL thing ! A DEADly one ! And he indeed receive a massive ammount of emails, and of course kindly replying to those pile of emails, so if you have already mailed the old man, just wait :) coz he's a good ol' man ;)

So, further up, with some negotiation skills that i have :P i managed to get some goodies of what he's up to, here you go

And what is that thing ?! Un-fortunately Avatar is a tough guy, he won't give up just to some nice words :P (apparantely my skill was not enough) :P

But he gave me some hint, that it was only a draft (the one he gave me), the real one will be more DEADlier ! ;)

So stay tuned. And keep flooding him with emails (kiddin' :P)

Interesting Results From Tonedeaf Test

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Today, Mr. Jake Mandell the one who created the Tonedeaf Test, sent me an email, saying that he has put the results of everybody who took the test. And there are lotsa interesting thing that can be read from the results ^^

And let me quote some part from the email here ^^ (if you do mind the privacy tell me so Mr. Jake, i'll remove this)
I'm writing for three reasons:

1) To say hello and wish you a happy new year.

2) To tell you that I now have a total of three tests online:
3) Most excitingly, to tell you about some interesting results from analyzing the data of over 100,000 subjects!
* Blacks/African Americans perform better than Caucasians, despite having fewer years of musical training
* Males perform better than females
Read the details of these results, including graphs and statistics info here:

I'm working on another test as well - so please check back once in a while. If you have any questions about the tests, neuro-research, or test results, please feel free to send me a note.

And happy new year to you too Mr. Jake ^^

Hm.. another test to spent this weekend :)

United Vektor 2007 Kalendar

If you haven't got a Kalendar for this year, then this one could be your choice ^^ to print and hang on your office :)

About The PDF Kalendar
Following the success of the UnitedVektor 2005 and 2006 PDF Kalendar, Vektorjunkie brought to you again the UnitedVektor 2007 PDF Kalendar this year. Vektorjunkie invites some international designers from around the world who have a passion for vektor graphik to kontribute on this projekt. Many thanks for all the kontributor who made this projekt happened.

Kalendar specifications

Format PDF (You will need Adobe Acrobat for your viewing pleasure)
Size 210mm x 330mm
Resolution 200dpi
Colors CMYK

It's currently available for January and February 07. So check back on their site often to see updates ;)

And if you have some more time this weekend, be sure to check the Vektorika Magazine too ;)

Have a nice weekend everybody ^^

[Update 2007-01-06 3:51 PM] My gawd, just found out that this Vektorjunkie is Indonesian ! Wow ! I'm proud of it !

Blogger: Goodies Inside Blogger Javascript !

Friday, January 05, 2007

Today, i spent time looking at the (unnoticed) javascripts files that Blogger defaultly included in your blog.

I say that it was unnoticed, in terms that maybe just a few person, who will look at it completely, and maybe even play with it ! And that's including me :P

But now, with the recent EQ in Taiwan, i had experienced the slowness of my blog, even that i've reduced the size of my javascript. So i tried to eliminate some javascripts that i won't be needed anymore.

And guess what ? Blogger already GIVE US all the basic functions that WE NEED !! My gawd ! I wish i dwelled into these things earlier !

You see, currently Blogger provided us with 3 handy javascripts, which i'm sure it'll overcome the cross-browsers problem, it's GOOGLE's ! And the javascripts are :

- common.js
- dom.common.js
- cookies.common.js

Now i'm gonna REVEAL all the GOODIES inside these, and then you can GET RID of those prototype or framework or anything that you used :P (i'm planning to do so in the next version of zlyther ;) so stay tuned ... ) Note that i don't list all of the functions. But i guess i list almost all of it ! Brilliant Google indeed :P


1. common.js


  • function SetCookie(name, value, opt_max_age, opt_path, opt_domain)
    Use for: Setting a cookie.

  • function ExpireCookie(name, opt_path, opt_domain)
    User for: Expiring a cookie.

  • function GetCookie(name)
    Use for: Returning the value for the first cookie with the given name.

  • function Now()
    Use for: Returning the current Time.

Dynamic HTML/DOM utilities
  • function GetElement(win, id)
    Use for: Getting a element by its id, and throws an exception if it's null

  • function GetParentNode(n)
    Use for: Getting the parent of a html element.

  • function GetAttribute(node, attribute)
    Use for: Getting attribute value of a DOM node

  • function SetInnerHTML(win, id, html)
    Use for: Setting inner html of a html element

  • function GetInnerHTML(win, id)
    Use for: Getting inner-html of a html element

  • ClearInnerHTML(win, id)
    Use for: Clearing inner html of a html element

  • function SetCssStyle(win, id, name, value)
    Use for: Setting a CSS style of an element

  • function GetStyleProperty(style, name)
    Use for: Getting CSS property from a style attribute string

  • function ShowElement(el, show)
    Use for: Showing/hiding an element.

  • function ShowBlockElement(el, show)
    Use for: Showing/hiding a block element. The previous ShowElement() doesn't work if object has an initial class with display:none

  • function ShowInlineElement(el, show)
    Use for: Showing/hiding an inline element. The previous ShowElement() doesn't work when an element starts off display:none.

  • function SetButtonText(button, text)
    Use for: Setting the text of a button. This is to get around a bug in mozilla, where we can't set the text of a button by setting innerHTML.

  • function AppendNewElement(win, parent, tag)
    Use for: Appending a new HTML element to a HTML node.

  • function FindChildWithID(parent, id)
    Use for: Finding the child with the given ID, or null if there is node. This does not search the children's children.

  • function CreateDIV(win, id)
    Use for: Creating a new DIV (append it to the end of the document)

  • function Tr(win, tds)
    Use for: Creating a new TR containing the given td's

  • function Td(win, opt_colspan)
    Use for: Creating a new TD, with an optional colspan

  • function HasClass(el, cl)
    Use for: Checking if an element has a given class

  • function AddClass(el, cl)
    Use for: Adding a class to element

  • function RemoveClass(el, cl)
    Use for: Removing a class from an element

  • function GetElementsBySelector(root, selector)
    Use for: This method is a generalization of the DOM method "getElementsByTagName"

Window/screen utilities
Note from the js: TODO: these should be renamed (e.g. GetWindowWidth to GetWindowInnerWidth and moved to geom.js) Must keep an eye of the name changes, but i guess it'll took a long time to be done :P
  • - function GetPageOffsetLeft(el)
    - function GetPageOffsetTop(el)
    - function GetPageOffsetRight(el)
    - function GetPageOffsetBottom(el)
    - function GetPageOffset(el)
    Use for: Getting page offset of an element

  • - function GetScrollTop(win)
    - function GetScrollLeft(win)
    Use for: Getting the y (Top) and x (Left) position scroll offset.

  • function IsScrollAtEnd(win, opt_isHoriz)
    Use for: Checking if window scrollbar has reached its maximum offset

  • function ScrollTo(win, el, position)
    Use for: Scrolling window to pos (position: 0 = top, 0.5 = middle, 1 = bottom)

  • function ScrollIntoView(win, el, alignment)
    Use for: Scrolling so that as far as possible the entire element is in view.

  • - function GetWindowWidth(win)
    - function GetWindowHeight(win)
    - function GetAvailScreenWidth(win)
    - function GetAvailScreenHeight(win)
    - function GetNiceWindowHeight(win)
    Use for: Getting the window dimensions

  • function GetCenteringLeft(win, width)
    Use for: Horizontally centering a new window of the given width in the available screen. Set the new window's distance from the left of the screen equal to this function's return value.

  • function GetCenteringTop(win, height)
    Use for: Vertically centering a new window of the given height in the available screen. Set the new window's distance from the top of the screen equal to this function's return value.

  • function Popup(url, opt_name, opt_width, opt_height, opt_center, opt_hide_scrollbars, opt_noresize, opt_blocked_msg)
    Use for: Opening a child popup window that has no browser toolbar/decorations.

  • function OpenWindow(win, url, opt_name, opt_features, opt_blocked_msg)
    Use for: Opening a new window. Returns the new window handle.

String utilities
  • function HtmlEscape(str)
    Use for: Converting text to HTML format. For efficiency, we just convert '&', '<', '>' characters.

  • function HtmlUnescape(str)
    Use for: Converting html entities to plain text. It covers the most common named entities and numeric entities. It does not cover all named entities -- it covers &{lt,gt,amp,quot,nbsp}; but does not handle some of the more obscure ones like &{ndash,eacute};.

  • function HtmlWhitespaceEscape(str)
    Use for: Replacing multiple spaces with to retain whitespace formatting in addition to escaping '&', '<', '>'.

  • function QuoteEscape(str)
    Use for: Escape double quote '"' characters in addition to '&', '<', '>' so that a string can be included in an HTML tag attribute value within double quotes.

  • function ToJSString(s)
    Use for: Converting a string to a javascript string literal. This function has the property that the return value is also already html escaped, so the output can be embedded in an html handler attribute.

  • -function CollapseWhitespace(str)
    - function StripNewlines(str)
    - function CanonicalizeNewlines(str)
    - function HtmlifyNewlines(str)
    - function NormalizeSpaces(str)
    Use for: Converting multiple ws chars to a single space, and strips leading and trailing ws

  • function UrlEncode(str)
    Use for: URL encodes the string.

  • function Trim(str)

  • function EndsWith(str, suffix)

  • function IsEmpty(str)
    Use for: Checking if a string is empty

  • function IsLetterOrDigit(ch)
    Use for: Checking if a character is a letter

  • function IsSpace(ch)
    Use for: Checking if a character is a space character

  • function NormalizeText(str)
    Use for: Converting any instances of "\r" or "\r\n" style EOLs into "\n" (Line Feed), and also trim the extra newlines and whitespaces at the end.

  • function HtmlEscapeInsertWbrs(str, n, chars_to_break_after, chars_to_break_before)
    Use for: Inserting (word break tag) after every n non-space chars and/or after or before certain special chars. The input string should be plain text that has not yet been HTML-escaped.

  • function CompareStringsIgnoreCase(s1, s2)
    Use for: Comparing case-insensitive string

TextArea utilities
  • function GetCursorPos(win, textfield)
    Use for: Getting the cursor pos in a text area. Returns -1 if the cursor pos cannot be determined or if the cursor out of the textfield.

  • function SetCursorPos(win, textfield, pos)
    Use for: Setting the cursor pos in a text area.

Array utilities
  • function FindInArray(array, x)
    Use for: Finding an item in an array, returns the key, or -1 if not found

  • function InsertArray(array, x)
    Use for: Inserting an item into an array, if it's not already in the array

  • function DeleteArrayElement(array, x)
    Use for: Deleting an element from an array

  • function CopyArray(array)
    Use for: Copying a flat array

  • function CloneObject(x)
    Use for: Cloning an object (recursively)

  • function CloneEvent(ev)
    Use for: Cloning an event; cannot use CloneObject(event) because it suffers from infinite recursion. Thus, only a subset of the event properties are cloned.

  • function GetEventTarget(/*Event*/ ev)
    Use for: Getting an event. Note: Event is not a type in IE; IE uses Object for events

  • function CancelEvent(/*Event*/ ev)
    Use for: Canceling an event

Email address parsing
  • function ParseAddress(addr)
    Use for: Parsing an email address of the form "name" address into [name, address]

  • - function GetAddress(address)
    - function GetAddressUsername(address)
    - function GetPersonal(address)
    - function GetPersonalElseUsername(address)
    Use for: Getting a spesific field of email

  • function EmailsToArray(str)
    Use for: Converting a string containing list of email addresses into an array of strings

  • function CleanEmailAddress(str)
    Use for: Cleaning up email address which include remove extra spaces, and surround name with quotes if it contains special characters to check if we need " quotes. Note: do not use /g in the regular expression, otherwise the regular expression cannot be reusable.

2. dom.common.js
  • function toggleDisplay(o)
    Use for: Will toggle the display property of the style object for any DOM element or object that supports style as a property. Warning: This'll wreak havoc if applied to elements.

  • - function hideElement(o)
    - function showElement(o)
    Use for: Hiding an element from view. Showing an element that was hidden from view.

  • function getElement(id)
    Use for: Returning an element by its ID or shows an alert if it can't be found.

  • function setInnerHTML(id, html)
    Use for: Setting the innerHTML of an element or shows an alert if can't be set.

  • function setCssStyle(id, name, value)
    Use for: Setting the style of an element by its id or shows an alert if can't be set.

  • function getStyle(el, style)
    Use for: Getting the computed style of any object. WARNING: Produces unexpected results in Safari.

  • function getStyleAttribute(node)
    Use for: Returning the style attribute of the specified node.

  • function showProps(o)
    Use for: Displaying all the properties for a given element (this method is using document.write !!)

  • - function setIFrameEvent(iframe, eventName, func)
    - function setIFrameBody(iframe, strStyle, innerHtml)
    - function getIFrameDocument(iframe)
    - function getIFrame(strId)
    Use for: IFraming.

  • - function createElementandAppend(nodeName, strId, appendTo)
    - function createElementandInsertBefore(nodeName, strId, appendTo, sibling)
    Use for: Creating an element and appending/inserting before.

  • function getXY(el)
    Use for: Returning the position of any element as an object.

3. cookies.common.js
  • function setCookie(name, value, domain, expires, path, secure)
    Use for: Setting a Cookie with the given name and value.

  • function getCookie(name)
    Use for: Getting the value of the specified cookie.

So that's about it folks ! I surelly gonna work my way on maximizing this, and because of that i think i can remove the prototype and other thing :P

And in final words, hereby i challenged all of you the 'Bleet' to use it to your extent !!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

I took the test from my fellow friend, Teddy

And here's the results
You are very ambitious and because you seek and need recognition, you try in your own way to impress people and you want to be looked up to - to be both popular and admired. You feel that there is a gap which separates you from your fellow man, or woman as the case may be, but this anxiety is an unnecessary one. Keep on the way you are going and you may surprise yourself.

You are looking for excitement and stimulation and you are ready to try anything - but be careful not to take too many risks.

Being emotionally inhibited you have no alternative at this time but to be a 'watcher' rather than a 'doer'. At this time you feel as if you are being forced to compromise and stand back. But this is not the true you. Deep down there is that warm 'open' you which is awaiting the moment to burst forth - maybe like the chrysalis which will soon become the butterfly.

As of late, you have been experiencing untold stress and this is a result of continuous frustration. You haven't been taking care of all your physical needs and it's beginning to show. It would seem that you have a need to find someone to whom you can really relate - someone perhaps whose standards are as high as your own. You want to be different - to be individualistic - to stand out from the common herd. Your inherent control of your sensual instincts is restricting your ability to give yourself to open up freely but this being on your own, being lonely, often makes you feel the need to give up some of your strict standards to surrender to the general flow - to be like everyone else; a part of the herd. Deep down you regard such instincts as weaknesses to be overcome. You would like to be loved or admired for yourself alone. You demand recognition and tender loving care.

You are afraid that you may not be able to realise or achieve your hopes and desires and so you insist that people should accept you as you are and appreciate your rights to anything that you aspire to.

Most of it are true, and i can use this to instropect myself ^^ hm...

How bout you ? ;)

Adobe CS3 Icon on 3D Carousel

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

To quote Mr. Lee Brimelow from The Flash Blog

Let’s face it, everything is better when put in a 3D carousel. It’s so played out that it’s cool.

And indeed it was cool ^^ and this could be a nice little apps to help you remember those icons that leads to some debate amongs Photoshops users :P

Nice eh ;) Give it a try, and feel the fun ^^

As for those of you who might wanted to read on the long debate, here's some related article:

- Veerle's blog | The new Adobe icons and branding
- Jason Santa Maria | What a Mess
- Adobe CS3 Program Icons: Alphabet Soup on a Color Wheel (And What They Mean)
- John Nack on Adobe: Now showing: The rest of the CS3 icons

Though i personally don't mind with Adobe CS3 new icons :) but still i think Adobe people can be a whole lot more creative on these :P

An Alternate Way to View a Text

A TextArc is a visual represention of a text—the entire text (twice!) on a single page. A funny combination of an index, concordance, and summary; it uses the viewer's eye to help uncover meaning.

A TextArc is made by following three simple rules:

1. Draw the entire text in an ellipse around the page. Generally the text is drawn twice: line by line, to preserve the typographic structure of the text; and word by word, to address the subject and vocabulary of the text.

2. Draw frequently used words brighter and larger. Repeated words may be important; they should demand more attention.

3. If a word is used more than once draw it at the center of all of its mentions. This accounts for the scattering of words in the center: think of the word as being attached to every place it is used in the text by tiny rubber bands. Those forces pull each word closer to where it appears most often in a text.

FANTASTIC ! This is a must try ! ^^



Blogger: All-in-one Widgets Tutorial

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Improbulus at A Consuming Experience have cooked up a very nice and handy "All-in-one Widgets Tutorial" !

This is a very handy one place to stop tutorial. And as i'm new to myself on this Beta (ups) Blogger, this sure is gonna be very usefull, and to all new bloggers too.

I myself are planning to share the knowledge of these, but, rather than re-invent the wheel, i'll just stick with this one ^^

Great job Improbulus !

Put Our Best Foot Forward

The year is new, so let us put our best foot forward ^^
May this year, brings us goodness, fortune, and wealth ^^
Happy (belated) New Year to everyone ^^

p.s: the internet are slowly recovering ^^ so, expect more goodies from zlythern ;)

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