Friday, May 02, 2008

Even though Ned Batchelder is in his mid-forties, the creativity and the brains sure aren't old !

Ned bring ASCII Art to the next LEVEL with this CSS Homer, animated !!

CSS Homer Simpson Animated

Ned took the inspiration for the animated from the work of Román Cortés, the brain behind the brilliant Homer Simpson ASCII.

o o o o ( O O O \ L ( O O O O O \ L ( O | | \ \ | | \ \ \ \ ( ( 8 o o o ( ( 8 o o o o ) ) b o O o o o o o o ) b o O o o o o o o o o o / / / • • • • • _ _ _ • • • C C O ( -

Ned took the beautiful Román Cortés's ASCII above and animate it ! A pleasant to see ^_^

Hopefully we'll see Ned's animated version of Román Cortés's George Bush ASCII Art

KUDOS to both ! ASCII Art surely have LEVELED UP ! Brilliant stuff !!


teddY said...

Ohmygod this is awesome! I've never knew CSS has such potentials of creating graphics. Although it's very troublesome and tiring, the effects are very impressive! Thanks for sharing!

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