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Monday, December 17, 2007

Exactly on December 17, 1997, a man named Jorn Barger, coined the term "Weblog" for the first time.

Jorn Barger describe his daily routine of surfing the internet and write down a list of links that he came across as a process of "logging the web" thus the term "WEBLOG" appeared ;)

Jorn Barger - zlythern

Jorn Barger has a say he share with Wired.

My intent for weblogs in 1997 was to make the web as a whole more transparent, via a sort of "mesh network," where each weblog amplifies just those signals (or links) its author likes best.

He also gave an advice to all those who blog, some of it really match the first idea why i started one here at zlythern :D

  • A true weblog is a log of all the URLs you want to save or share. (So is actually better for blogging than
  • You can always improve on the author's own page title, when describing a link. (At least make sure your description is full enough that readers will recognize any pages they've already visited, without having to visit them again.)
  • Always include some adjective describing your own reaction to the linked page (great, useful, imaginative, clever, etc.)

And there's an advice that i really need to work out on zlythern :P

Re-post your favorite links from time to time, for people who missed them the first time.

Check out the rest of his advice on Wired. The complete 10 Tips for New Bloggers From Original Blogger Jorn Barger ;)

But be warned that Jorn Barger definition of "WEBLOG" is a collection of links :D Some of you may have offended by his #2 tips :P (read the sentence again very carefully) ;)


Happy WEBLOG 2007 ^^

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