The Golden Compass - What's Your Dæmon ?

Monday, December 10, 2007

7 December 2007 worldwide, The Golden Compass movie is scheduled to launch, but at Thursday night on 6 Dec 2007, me and my girlfriend watched it already ^^

Hehe.. dunno why but on 6 Dec, we already can saw the movie here in Singapore :)

Anyway, this movie is nice, the whole CG thing was very good, everything looks very natural and real ^^

But be aware that the movie's plot are those of fantasy world ;) LOTR, Narnia kinda thing ;) In my opinion, it's quite nice, although some says that the movie is below average, with hanging ending (ops, spoiler alert!), short plot, bad battlefield scene, etc. But i don't see any of those mentioned :P

Here's some excerpt from the official site:

There is a world where witches rule the northern skies, where ice bears are the bravest of warriors, and where every human is joined with an animal spirit who is as close to them as their own heart.

But this world is dominated by the Magisterium, which seeks to control all of humanity, and whose greatest threat is the last remaining Golden Compass and the one child destined to possess it.

My girlfriend was very amazed with how real the CG is being rendered, and i have to admit that it indeed IS !

All humans in Lyra's world have a Dæmon, which is an animal spirit, much like our other half ^^ and all of these Dæmon looks VERY GOOD in the movies :D you can almost be sure that those were the real animal being used in the movies, and trained to do some lip-sync :P

And for being a geek, i go through the official site directly after watching the movies :P I got lotsa things from it, and most importantly i got the answer for my curious questions

What's My Dæmon ?

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So here it is ;) She is called Onthia :)

You can take one too ;) Find out What's Your Dæmon Is :)

Despite all the bad words of the original source of this movie taken from :
Director Weitz said "in the books the Magisterium is a version of the Catholic Church gone wildly astray from its roots" but that the organization portrayed in his film would not directly match that of Pullman's books. Instead, the Magisterium will represent all dogmatic organizations.

Weitz said that religion would instead appear in euphemistic terms, yet the decision has been attacked by some fans, anti-censorship groups, and the National Secular Society (of which Pullman is an honorary associate), which said "they are taking the heart out of it, losing the point of it, castrating it".

The Atlantic Monthly said also that "With $180 million at stake, the studio opted to kidnap the book’s body and leave behind its soul."

I feel that the movie is 'safe' ^^ well maybe I'm not too expert on this kinda thing,

I just enjoyed the movie :D


Pasticcera said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the movie. I would love to see it as I enjoyed the books. I am always amazed at how Americans get so worked up over the wrong issues. The trailers and the commpass looked amazing. Thanks for the link to the daemon. I'll have to check it out.

Efendi said...

hehe.. yeah, dunno why they got so worry bout those things.

i agree that the compass is amazing :D

all of the things in the movie is nice too :) i like the car thing too :D

so, what is your Dæmon? ;)

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