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Saturday, March 22, 2008

If has 1 weakness, it has to be it's feed, for the feeds leads us to the digg page, not the page that was being dug (or is it dugg?)

There are countless of bookmarklets, add-ons, greasemonkey scripts that pretty much can handle this problem. But i wanted to be able to do it while reading my feeds. Just like a regular action when you see the news on your feed, you just have to click the link, and voila! you're there.

Lately there's a new comer floating around the web: Feeddit.

Feeddit, Digg less feed

Feeddit is an improvement to the standard rss feed on, it's longer, fatter and more awesome.

There are 100 stories long rather than the regular 40 so you’ll never miss another story.

Each feed item has the actual link so you can skip past the Digg story page and get directly to the story.

The only downside of Feeddit is that we can't configure, or choose some category ourself.

But, if you need to optimize you digg daily reading, then this one will save one click time ;)

Feeddit, Digg less feed
After you've subscribed, the above screenshot is a peek of what it'll looked like. You have the same (well, almost the same) feed as usual, but with:

  • Header which will bring us the page and not the digg page (which is the main feature)
  • A footer that have a link to the Digg page, the Comment section, the Category, the Submitter
  • And another handy feature, the mirror link ;)

If you're a hardcore digger, who reads everything, this one might save your time ;)


Some other useful links if you wanted to have a particular feeds, or maybe something that you can configure yourself, check this two out ;)

Direct-link versions of Digg feeds by Pascal Vanhecke
Direct-link versions of Digg feeds

Super Digg Feed v2.0
Super Digg Feed v2.0


Enjoy your weekend everybody ^^

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