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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sometimes after i've downloaded an FLV files from YouTube or anything using your favourite tools, i decided i wanted to use some background sound, or songs, just for the sake of hearing it rings on my handphone :P

FLV Extract

Well, come up with just what i wanted ! A simple tool that can extract the Video and Audio into a separate files. AVI and MP3. Perfect !

To use this tool, one 9 year old boy can even do it after you teach it :P Simply drag-and-drop the FLV files (yes, you can do it multiple files !!)

After that wait a while, oh wait ! You don't need to wait ! After you drop it, the extracted files is there ! IT REALLY IS THAT FAST !

There can't be any other program that'll beat this one.

No-installation, drag-and-drop, simple GUI, BLAZING Fast, and (another plus for the nerds) comes with a FULL Source Code !

YAY ^^ Glad i found this FLV Extract :D

p.s: in case you're wondering the flv file i use in the above screenshot, here you go Centurions ;)

[via: Freeware Genius]


vrempire said...

Thanks for the exciting knowledge you provide here. Actually, I'm quite impressed with your phoenix background :)

Efendi said...

Hi vrempire,

Welcome to zlythern ^^ Nice to meet you

Glad you enjoy zlythern :)

The background is a mashup of all the great people on deviantart ;)

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