Are You DEAF .. uhm ... Tone Deaf ?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

There's been a buzz over at Jake's ToneDeaf Test ;) so i go and try it over and here's my result :P i guess i'm just above average :P not an expert one :P

It has a series of music that bein' played, each one have 2 musics, and that's where you hafta answer wether the music is the same or different ;) maybe to some people the music will be heared as same :P

So, why dontcha try it yerself HERE ;) and tell me what's your score :)


teddY said...

Wah! You got so high! I just got 75.00%! Lucky me =)

Efendi said...

yoo teddy ;) that's nice :)
i haven't try it for the 2nd time though :P

the flash is kinda big in filesize, it's 2.8MB and no preloader :P 1st time i go there, it was all blank and white, i think the flash was error or somethin like that, so i hit the refresh button, again and again :P

but then i realize, that maybe it was loading, and no preloader sign or whatsoever, and so i waited, and there you go :P

hehehe.. i was still 50k ers :P

gondolier said...

i also can get 75.0

Efendi said...

wah, congratz :) at the border line :P

my friend (a gurl) got so high, over 80% she said :P

hmm.. is gurl more sensitive to music ? hmm... maybe :P

Stii said...

Hey, I got 86.1%! And the weird thing is that I partially deaf in my right ear!

Efendi said...

yo stii ^^ welcome, welcome ^^

wow that was impresive ! you must have great memory ;)

great ^^

David. said...

im very pleased! i got a 94.4%!
Awesome test, very fun.

Efendi said...

hi david ^^ welcome to zlythern ;)
nice to meet ya :)

and WOW ! that's was a very very HIGH score, great job man :)

teddY said...

Holy crap somebody got 94.4% *shocked, jaws hit the floor* woah that is a real music talent David! Anyways, I decided to make you jealous because the flash loaded quickly after I've loaded the page. Muahahaha =) Have a nice day qureyoon!

P.S.: I dunno whether I've said this before but, hey thanks a lot for sharing the loading gif images they look really cool! They are surely very useful to me! Thanks!

Efendi said...

yoo teddy, yeah david beat all of us here :P

and... WHAT ?! just after the page loaded ? it appears ?! daaamn... wish i had those internet connections.... >.<

p.s: you've said it ;) and am glad you find it usefull :)

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