Tripline - A Nice Puzzle Game

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Joakim Sandberg at is a brilliant artist. His artwork is amazing !

But what's more amazing is he creates beautiful games ! :D

Tripline is one of his creation. This is a very nice puzzle game. You know when you're kid and try to draw a line that never touch/intersect ? Well, this puzzle is based on that idea ;)

You will draw a line to complete the puzzle :) As simple as that ;)

But even though it's simple, can you manage to clear 30 levels ? ;)

The game interface is very cute ^_^ It was kinda like a notebook with scribbles on it :)

You only need to press Enter to start drawing the lines, and draw using your arrow keys. If you look carefully, each symbol is in the middle of four little box. So, say if you're making a mistake you can always make a little turn :P Otherwise just press Spacebar to restart :P

Give this one a try ;) It's a fun little puzzle game :D

Enjoy :D


c h a said...

pui game ini sampe level berapa sih ? 40an lebih ga tamat2 .. bosen .. ga bisa disave yahhh

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