What's Your Blog Looks Like in Words ?

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ever wonder yourself ? Well, here's zlythern in words via Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds !

This little fun tool will generate the so called 'word clouds' from any given url ^_^
Actually there are 3 input type that Wordle can accept ;) You can give url, text, and a username :)

As with any good tool, it must be simple to use, yet it gives wonderful result ! :D

After you provide the text / url / username, wait a while for the java applet to run it's job, and voila ! You can play around ! Experiment with the Layout and Color menu ;) Or simply hit the Randomize button if you're lazy enough :P

But be sure to put your work into the gallery ;) Just like i did with mine :D If you'd like leave a link to yours in the comment ;) I'll take a look of your art :D

Go ahead, make one Wordle yourself ! Have fun with this one ! I sure am having fun ^_^ I think i'm gonna print this one and stick one up on my desk :D

And a little donation to Jonathan Feinberg will keep this nice tool up ;)


Daarxide said...

it's really nice and funny! Thanks!

Efendi said...

daarxide ! long time no see :) how are you ?

glad you like it ;)

teddY said...

OMG thanks for the link so much! I find it very cute that someone actually got this idea of creating a word cloud. Not to mention that the level of sophistication of the implementation of AJAX in the page! Wow!

Inge said...

Culik ah buat di blog-ku jg hihihi...

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