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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blog Hacks was an interesting stuff to play with ;) Today i've put a lot of hacks into my blog.

The simple one is the so called 'Grammatically Correct Comment Count', which in this case are the numbers of comments about your post. If there are no post, then it would display 'No comment', if only 1 then it is not a plural so '1 comment', and the rest of course 'xx comments' (note the 's') where xx=number of posts. So here it is the simple code, you can put it inside the script tag, and the code can be tweaked later on your own, i've pick this one from Freshblog this site has a lot of hacks which you can implement on your blog. Thanks to anniebluesky for the piece of code she made ;)

The other one is the so-called 'Peek-a-boo Comments' from Blogger himself ;) And that's it i've tweaked the code so that both hacks can works ;) so maybe you can try it on your own or post a comment here :p

Well, then happy commenting ;)

[Update 2006-06-13]

  • I add Native Blog Search hack to my blog, this is a useful hack to implement on your own blog, and a must have ! The code itself shouldn't be a problem for most users, just follow the instructions and voila ;) Sweet :) Great job Aditya !
  • Also you may notice, that now in the left, you can see which posts then are recently updated, this was all done by Stephen at his Blog: Singapolyma-Tech and you may want to read some article wrote by Avatar, here.

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