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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yesterday, i had my hair cut, and i have a new look, and today i cut my blogs hair ? :p hehe jk :p today, i've changed the template on blogger, to mine :) and gave it a new look for you ;)

This was all part of my learning about CSS and JS and Layouting, etc. It was all inspired by Aditya, a rare smart boy you ever find ;) and in fact, my template code had his contribution on it ;) thanks alot Adit ;) you've been really helpfull.

And for the moment, i'm pretty satisfied for the new face i've had here ;) So for anybody who is wondering how the old one looks like, well it's on the left ;) i've get a hold of that template from searching on google :p maybe you would want to look it at the full size of the old template, here you go, you can click or right click to save as, here (size: 289k). And if you'd like to get a hold of the old template code then just drop me a message :)

Now i can be a little proud of having my own template eh :p
And i'm still on the process of making up the new face, hope it gets more good looking :)

[Update]: i've updated the blog's color, and position, in order to match my colorstrology a bit ;)

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