The Polaroid-o-nizer™

Friday, June 23, 2006

Today i've found this cool site, do you know polaroid photo ? Well, if you happen to remember polaroid, and daydreaming, ooh, i wish my picture is polaroid, hm... then you've gotta visit The Polaroid-o-nizer for sure ;)

Yeah... maybe some photoshop users can say, 'what?! i can do that in CS2 in 1 minute!' , well not everyone has the skills to use CS2, or even know CS2 ;) well, i can use CS2 too in fact, but if there's some nice tools to automatically generate, everywhere, even when you're not at your PC, so .. why not ?! ;)

Now, here it is, a picture of me and my girlfriend after being Polaroid-o-nizer ^^ ain't it cute :)

Well, then go give it a try !

Happy Polaroid-o-nizer ^^


ochep said...

:D pake picasa bisa collage photo, see my blog for the result. Picasa is a free tools from blogger.

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