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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Add me to your blogroll ^^

For those of you who read my blogs, and wanted to add a link to me, here you go :

Add me to your blogroll ^^ 120px x 20px (border 2px) size: 1.14 KB (1,175 bytes)

As for now, i only made one :P i'll add more variatons later on ;)
So stay tuned ^^

And feel free to grab the source below to add to your blog:

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Visit qureyoon @ Zlythern"><img src="" /></a>

Just copy and paste it to your blog, and voila, you're done ^^


[Update 2007-03-08]

Added some post that give zlythern a review ^^

- The Pisstaker - Daily Satire at its Best!

Thank you very much for the post
If any of you have post a review about zlythern, and haven't been added here, then drop me an email, or post a comment, i'll add it ASAP ;)

[Update 2006-06-29]
Added a new icon with a different size ^^

Add me to your blogroll ^^ 86px x 30px (border 2px) size: 1.20 KB (1,233 bytes)

<a href="" target="_blank" title="Visit qureyoon @ Zlythern"><img src="" /></a>


Cat said...

Dear qureyoon
May i ask you add a 88x31 size logo of your blog for me, becuse i wish you could live here in my home:
Click Me

i like the articles you've chosen for your blog. It's interest to me. And, of course, your friendly words to me...nice human♥

Efendi said...

hi cat ^^
i've plug it to your site ^^
hope you like it ^^

but it's a little jaggy i think, maybe cause you strecthed it :P
and i make it 86x32 too :P

umm... maybe you could put some babelfish to translate your page ;)

Cat said...

Dear Efendi,
This is your name, Efendi, right? hehehe ^^ i've been calling you "qureyoon" before today :P

As for the logo, thanks you for plugging there to me. i think it's the jaggy problem caused by the service provider, because cat didn't do any thing to change it. Your logo is fashionable & a little sexy, you know, the purple color made me think a sexy way...well, i like your logo very much.

i do have a translation tool in the right sidebar of my blog, but it works not well. i should say... it works terrible for my language. Chinese language is always a big problem to Computer Programmer. But it's okay. i can come here to see yours, and share my feeling with you.

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