Enjoy The New zlythern v.3.3

Friday, August 17, 2007

Since a long time, i always wanted to switch my design to the new blogger layout. But then i reverted back, since i wanted to make my own design.

After a while, i get a grasp of the new layout thing, and launch an initial release of the so called zlythern v.3 :P

The next step was to choose a theme for the colors of the new zlythern v.3. Learn a lot from choosing color, seeing how colors are match each other, and so on :P

And now, it's the big time ! Enjoy a whole brand new zlythern v.3.3 :D A PHOENIX one ;)

This design should work really well on both FF and IE ;)

Here some comparison of the old zlythern v.2 and the zlythern v.3

zlythern v.2zlythern v.3

I do really kinda missed the old dragon theme though :D i believe it's quite popular among you guyz :P

Bid adieu for the crappy zlythern v.3 :P

Credits goes to these people:

Arts and Images taken from


CSS and Layout is heavily based from Web Designer Wall by Nick La. I always been a fan of his work.

Thanks for all of you guyz.

And also to all of my readers :) who still came by to read ;)

Comments and critics are all welcomed ^^

Have a nice weekend (again) ;)


ilker said...

I liked the old one more.. but this doesn't look bad either

Deepak said...

I too liked the dragon theme better. This too looks good, especially the background :)

Efendi said...

ilker and deepak, thanks :)
i too like the dragon :P

but i guess we'll get used to it soon ;)

after this, i'll be workin' on some javascript things :P

cyberbuff said...

great! but missing the nav-system. that was mind blowing. Great background!

Efendi said...

cyberbuff, thanks man :P all image was taken, combined, tweaked from all the people in deviantart ;)

yeah, i'll be working slowly for all the nav-system, since i'll be involving some javascripts on it :P
keep on checking ;)

gerry said...

colorful simplicity..envy u guys who can do all this template works by yourself.

great works..

Ed said...

The theme is excellent, even better than the last excellent one.

btw you were included in the mybloglog sunday feature, and if you leave a link to your best post i will include it in the mini review and stumble the post too



NAFASG said...

hi, great articles you have there. if u are interested to xchange link with me , please leave me a message at my cbox once you are done...thank you keep the great work here...

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I love the look of this page - you sound as much of an expert with a computer.
OK...what are the three marks on the kids nose??? LOL!!!


Efendi said...

@gerry: hi gerry :) thanks for droppin' ^^ punya situ juga ok banget loh layout blog nya ;)

@Ed: Ed! Thanks man :) ah yes, i'm late to drop the links apparently :P but you picked the nice one though ;)
thanks a bunch ^^

@NAFASG: hello NAFA :) welcome to zlytern ;)

@Dale: hi dale, welcome to zlythern :) what a unique way we both met eh ;)

Ajay M said...

OMG whr were u for so long??? N wot abt ur Job?
U hv completely revamped ur blog theme....

Efendi said...

ajay, long time no see :)
i'm working in singapore now ;) already been about 3months here

hope you like the new theme here ^^

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