Beethoven's Hair

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beethoven's Hair - zlythern

On March 26th, 1827 Ludwig Van Beethoven died in Vienna. The day after, a twelve year old boy cut a lock of his hair as a souvenir.

167 years later the hair was sold at an auction in London. Its new owners were two Americans, Ira Brilliant and Che Guevara.

Between those dates the lock of hair undertook an extraordinary historical odyssey. From hand to hand, from country to country, and from century to century.

This is the story of that journey.

Beethoven's Hair - zlythern

This beautiful and yet creepy (yes, it's a bit creepy) is based on the film Beethoven's Hair itself, which is inspired by the best-selling book by Russel Martin.

Take part in Beethoven's Hair journey throughout the world with a marvelous game.

Beethoven's Hair Haunting - zlythern

You take part as a butterfly, simply move around your mouse, and press up or down key, to fly higher or lower ;)

The website and the game were all Flash-based perfectly done by XENOPHILE MEDIA. This is the kind of Flash work that always make me amazed ! Beautiful and perfect !

[via: Ursi's Blog]

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