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Friday, September 07, 2007 - zlythern

Howtoons Cofounders: Joost Bonsen and Saul Griffith - zlythernHowtoons is a bloody FUNtastic comic cartoon style strips, which is easy-to-follow, story-driven instructions on DIY projects using simple stuffs ! Even a kid can do this !

Joost Bonsen and Saul Griffith, grad students at the MIT Media Lab are the brains behind all of these :D Both were inspired as kids by the imaginative power of comics and cartoons. And they hope to make Howtoons so intriguing that kids tear themselves away from television and computer screens in order to learn the old-fashioned way--through hands-on experimentation.

Howtoons is available via the official Howtoons page. DIY projects have never been this fun ! They provide the idea behind, list all the materials, guide you on how to DIY, and all of this was presented in a comic strip, thanks to professional DC Comics artist Nick Dragotta ;)

But the best thing of Howtoons is the .pdf they offered for FREE!
^^ you can print all of 'em :D

And if that's not enough there's an Instructable's Howtoons version too, an addition to the official site :P also here we get to see some movie too :D

And if you do like this kinda thing, they have a book too ;) Howtoons: The Possibilities Are Endless! Perfect for your kids or your nephews birthday gift :D

Hm... gonna spend the weekend launching a Soda Bottle Rocket :D or maybe play some Tabletop Hockey

Who knows ?! The possibilities are endless ! ;)

Have a nice weekend folks ^^

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