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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Book of King Solomon - zlythern
Wise man on earth can be counted, few can be named through out the history. King Solomon, was one of them :)

As many of you who are Christian or Catholic, i believe you all know his wisdom. But wisdom, can be applied to every aspect of our life. So, even if you're not Christian or Catholic, this book can be a valuable reading for you ;) I also read others wisdom from the East, Zen, Buddha, everything, well, that's another story.

Back to The Book of King Solomon now. This book is generously given to you for FREE ! By the author himself !

Professor Solomon, an "amateur professor" with a degree in English from Harvard, Professor Solomon is a findologist—an expert at finding lost objects.

Authorship of The Book of King Solomon is explicitly credited to "Ahimaaz, Court Historian." Moreover, this same Ahimaaz appears in the story. He plays a part in the struggle with Absalom; and on several occasions he discusses with Solomon the chronicle he is keeping.

Turning to the Bible, we do find an Ahimaaz in the court of King Solomon—but there is no indication of his being a historian. He is presented rather as the resourceful son of Zadok, the High Priest. The Biblical Ahimaaz helps defeat Absalom; eventually marries a daughter of Solomon; and is appointed governor of Naphtali. A certain Jehoshaphat, meanwhile, is mentioned as chronicler during the reign of Solomon.

One of my favourite is the story about the Disputed Infant. The way King Solomon solve the problem is amazing ! Here are some excerpt of the story.

Disputed Infant, The Book of King Solomon - zlythern Solomon addressed the two women. "This is a difficult case," he said. "We have no witnesses—no evidence as to which of you is the mother—no way to ascertain which of you is telling the truth and which is not. So we must seek a compromise, rather than justice. A settlement. Do you follow me?"

They nodded uncertainly.

"Captain," said Solomon, "divide this living child in two, and give half to one woman and half to the other."

What a bold decision from the King. Well, some of you may have know how the story end ;) As for those of you who are curious, head on the Professor Solomon page, to get the book for FREE ! ^^


Liz said...

Please know that Catholics are Christians, the first Christians. Please be sensitive to this in your writings. You put, 'Catholic or Christian'.


Efendi said...

Hi Liz,

I'm aware of that, but there are just some groups that distinct themselves ;)

It was not meant to offend anyone, or being insensitive ;)

Thanks again ^_^

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