Cut and Glue a Toypaper Yourself

Friday, September 21, 2007 - zlythern has a collection of cute little paper toys for girls and boys :D They provide a .pdf file on the Archive section for download. And after that it'll only take 10-30 minutes to cut and glue the paper ;) - zlythern

It all started when John McGhee create a monster on one rainy Sunday in 2006. And the name is Humbles. Humbles was a lonely Love Monster, he is a very sociable and happy character, and likes being on desks, coffee tables or inside refrigerators - anywhere where he can say hello.
And now throughout the year, Humbles is receiving many friends to accompany him ;) Each have it's own profile and story too :)

So, have yourself a cute little paper toys ^^ a nice weekend ^^


Janet Ho said...

Hello I'm backkkk!!! LOL Sorry went missing for so long. The next time you see me missing again, don't give up hope one be, its a matter of time I'll be back. (smile )
Hope all goes well with you and your family.

Oh I could use those cute little paper toys. Thanks for the link.

My warmest regards to you and your family.

Efendi said...

janet ! hello there ! long time no see ! it really is a loooong time :)

well glad you're still blogging ;)

nice to see you again janet ^^

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