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Monday, November 19, 2007

OpenBook Firefox Add-ons - zlythern
Default Firefox Bookmark - zlythernIf you are using Firefox, then this OpenBook Add-ons is a must have !

You see, the default Firefox Bookmark dialog window is kinda ... not perfect ... in my geeky view :P

It's a bit waste of time, to add extra clicks to save a bookmark to certain folder. You hafta expand the tree, choose your folder, etc. These extra steps can save you enough time when bookmarking ;) especially when 'someone' is around :P

OpenBook Firefox Bookmark - zlythern
OpenBook add-ons allows a nice customization for this old boring ... not perfect ... bookmark dialog.

It will transform your default bookmark into this beauty !

All in one place ! Including all those tree, you can even have the whole complete properties, the url, keyword, and description too (for those of you who loves details ;) )!


So, everytime you hit Ctrl+D to bookmark, you will have your bookmarks tree opened automatically !

It has a capability of remembering your last folder that you save your bookmark into ;)

What more could you ask for ?! :D

OpenBook Firefox Bookmark - zlythernIf that's not saving you enough time, here comes the ultimate options for you ! :D

Activate the options to 'Add bookmark to folder below'

Choose your default folder for all the bookmarks to go into (you can sort it later on :P)

And there you have it ! Hit Ctrl+D ! Bam ! No dialog box ! Your bookmark will straight into your folder ! :D

How's that for saving your time ?! ;)

Bottom words, this OpenBook Firefox Add-ons is a must have one for me :) and for you too ;)

Have a nice day ! Start bookmarking more often now ;)

[via: the How-To Geek]


James Yeang said...

Very nice discovery man....

Efendi said...

james the :) thx dude :D

you should subscribe to how-to-geek ;) they got buncha good stuffs :D

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