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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Teen Chat Acronym Decoder

Parents out there, who have kids lurking around the chat room, myspace etc. nowadays these kids have no worry when they chat each other.

This is because they use Acronym to cover their sentence :P and best yet, they use it to type quickly to tell their friends if the parents are coming or nearby :P they called it P911 i never knew this too :P

Teen Chat Acronym Decoder
Not until i found out Teen Chat Decoder ! This super easy to use, accessible everywhere, is a MUST BOOKMARK for you !

You can enter the word in, and the definition will be displayed, and the best thing is, the results are out in AJAX manner :D uh, well, basically you just typed in the word, and you don't need to hit ENTER and wait the page to refresh ;)

Yup, it's so clean and easy, type the word in, and there you have it, NO REFRESH on the page !

AWHFY ? I bet you will l8r ;)


Shannon said...

It's really helpful for chatters to use Decoder while they chat. It makes very easy and chat is more special. Special things are always interesting to know. Using Decoder in teen chat room, it makes easier for teenagers.
Teen Chat

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