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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

FizzBoost, Facebook Notifier - zlythern

FizzBoost, Facebook Notifier - zlythern
Lorien Benjamin Gamaroff developed a really useful desktop application. A Notifier. Yes, FizzBoost a Facebook Notifier!

With recent Facebook hype everywhere around the world, you can get many notifications, message, invites, zombies, slayers, etc.

FizzBoost aims to bring the best in alert program. It's the perfect companion to Facebook.

FizzBoost for Windows exploded onto the scene in mid 2007 and immediately made an impression on Facebook users. Bringing together the best of all the other alert programs, its clean interface and snazzy alerts, FizzBoost is the perfect companion to Facebook.

No need to logged in to your Facebook every ten minutes or so. You won't get caught easily by your boss if you had this FizzBoost, while you can still now what happenin' in your Facebook world ;)

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FizzBoost is packed with a complete feature you can expect for ;)
  • View Facebook Feeds directly in FizzBoost!
  • Update your status directly in FizzBoost without having to go to your Profile Page.
  • A sound for your notification.
  • Twitter Status Updates You can now sync your Status between Facebook and Twitter.
  • Notifications of Friend, Group and Event Invites.
  • Notifications of Pokes, Unread Mail and Unread Shares.
  • The ability to view your friends with convenient shortcuts to Message, Poke, View Profile.
  • Notifications of Wall Posts.
  • View Friend Photo Albums from within FizzBoost.
  • Upload Photos to Albums and Create Albums from within FizzBoost.
  • Nifty Event Viewer
More importantly Lorien the developer of this application is really active on the FizzBoost Applications and Discussion Board ;) This is a very nice situation, i certainly choose an application that really had an active developer, not like others who just create and then ignored it completely! Well, i'm not sayin' that the developer should be there 24/7, i mean if the application was 100% perfect then you can do that. Well that might be a little exaggerating :P but again, it's always nice to see the developer are still around right ?

Anyway, like Lorein said,

Try it... you won't be disappointed!

FizzBoost is the best desktop notifier for Facebook ! Highly recommended for you to try it out ;)

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