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Monday, November 26, 2007

Dotted Leaders, A Recipe for Success - zlythern
Dotted Leaders, A Recipe for Success - posted A Recipe for Success in styling a list using CSS.

You have to play with this one for sure ! It's the most detailed tutorial, or shall i say, recipe ;) on styling a list using CSS.

It all inspired by a restaurant menus, which have the dish described on the left hand side followed by a dotted line that continues to the right side of the menu where the price is situated.

Even the very first beginner in styling using CSS will hardly find any problem reading through the tutorial!

It is not just a tutorial on how to make the list looked like this and that kinda things. It starts from ground zero. With all the possibility, even those with bad looking results called A Recipe for Disaster! Nice name BTW :D

Practically this is a study case, where you will see the good things and the bad things, and learn from all of those to apply and get the very best style.

Dotted Leaders, A Recipe for Success - zlythern
The end result were just awesome ! Whether you're on FF or IE, this simply is a must to learn :D

Usually i just bookmarked all the good CSS tutorial out there. But this one deserves a whole post for it :D It truly is A Recipe for Success ;)

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