Favicon 2 Dots ?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hm... found a new toy, don't know what this is for, but it's fun ^^
You can turn a Favicon to a Dot like one, in 3D shape :)

Mine is shown at the left, but the size is a litte big :| around 60kb ++

They, provided a bookmarklet too :) incase you wanted to try it when you see some good favicon ^^

So, i'm still figurin out, what this Favicon2Dots do any good to us ?

Well, anyway, you might wanna try it yourself ;)


Stii said...


Anthony Feint said...

This is very cool! But what am i meant to do with it?

Efendi said...

@stii: ^^

@anthony: the very same question, that i asked my friend :P still haven't figure it out, what to do with this :P

John Tiniakos said...

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Efendi said...

thx john (human or not) :P welcome to zlythern

Anonymous said...

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