The Project Cartoon

Friday, February 02, 2007

The Project Cartoon

This cartoon stripes (click here for the PDF one i'm avoiding hotlinking, visit their site to get the pdf), have been over the internet for quite some time, and when i saw it, it just "CLICK" my mind to the whole "Project" thing ;)

Project Cartoon
Click to see the bigger picture

Since then, many people are creating similar cartoon, but now, with the existence of The Project Cartoon (Beta), you too, can create those cartoon ;)

There are currently 18 picture, each of it have a description/caption, on which you can edit to make your own version ;) you can drag and drop the picture to make your own arrangement too ;)

Lotsa, creative and unique versions derived from the original, that can be seen for your viewing pleasure, at their gallery ;)

So, shall we s see your own version ? ;)


Stii said...

Itsa classic! Yet as good as the first time I've seen it!

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