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Monday, February 05, 2007

Jesse Dubay from Perfect Symmetry, got inspired by Don Park’s Identicon idea, and created his very own version of Identifrac - Unique Visual Identification, a fractal version ;)

Each, visitor, will have a unique picture, based on his/her IP, mine is shown in the picture at the right :) and i love that it's GREEN ^^

And Jesse stated a very nice statement, that is more like this, since Identifrac are fractals, this mean the picture CAN BE RENDERED in ANY SIZE ! ;) although Jesse has limited the maximum size to 1024x1024, but well, this is a very nice one ;) since the picture will not become jaggy or weird lookin' ;)

And with some little geekiness, you can do like this (taken from Jesse):

<img src="julia.php&v=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&s=XXX&r=Y&ob=Y&a=Y" />


v = An 18-character hexadecimal code
s = Size of image in pixels

Options (set to 1 to enable):

r = Ignore v and generate a random code
ob = Maximize color brightness instead of color saturation
a = Render on transparent instead of black background

Great one ^^ .. hm i wonder if the bleet will take this one to blogger comments, as a hack ;P

Anyway, be sure to drop some comment on Jesse's ;)


Jesse said...

Green is my favorite color too!

Thanks for fixing my XHTML error... that was very stupid on my part. XD

Efendi said...

hi jesse :) welcome to zlythern ;)
green is good ^^

hehe.. well actually there's still the 'alt' attribute that needed to add, till it's real perfect :P

anyway, your Identifrac is very good ^^

Aditya said...

There is no easy way to bind this to people's comments on Blogger, because the comment form doesn't get and store the IP of a commentor, and since this depends on the IP...

One could write a GM script to do a little fancy work. In-fact, I got the idea bobbin' in my head right now. It'll be a little brain-racking though :P

Good find! Fun to play around with :)

Efendi said...

@adit: well, yeah, since stephen got the photo-hack, i figured this could be done too :P

hehe.. and am happy to read, "...the idea bobbin' in my head..." ^^

more hacks right ;)

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