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Monday, February 12, 2007

Lately, i've been having lotsa trouble on converting my old template, to the new Layout Template, most of the problem i face is, regarding the new and STRICT XHTML checking by Blogger.

Well, fyi, my old template, uses conditional tags, heavily. With those tags, you can add a lot of varieties to your blog face :)

And since i moved to this New Blogger, i've been trying to convert my template to the new Layout, facing the annoying new conditional tags. Since i wanted to make the post's comments appearing in the main page, but this can't be done on the new one !

Not to mention the trouble, of getting some javascript to work on certain conditional tags. And i was about to give up on modifying my template.

But then again, our great Bleet Aditya, has done it again ^^

He had a great awesome posts, regarding to the new Layout Template on Blogger, along with all the explanations on how to use it, how to get creative with it ;) even how to put javascript in it. PERFECT !

A must have, reference for all blogger's ^^

Kudos to Aditya :)


Chaval ^^ said...

Hi... how did you do to add the comments on the main page?


Efendi said...

hello Chaval :) welcome to zlythern,
i'm still using the old template tags for the moment, although i'm on the new blogger now, since it can't put the comment on the main page. the only way to do it on the new tag is to have it through Javascript/JSON somethin like ramani did ;)

Chaval ^^ said...

Oh, ok, tks...
BTW, I found how to extract things from JSON and show the comments on the main page in my blog:

Now I just need some DHTML work to hide it onclick... But since I don't have much visitors, it's ok to keep them all open for now

Efendi said...

hi again caval ^^ glad to see you make it working ;)

nice :)

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