Lace Again Those Shoes

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mr. Ian Fieggen a.k.a Professor Shoelace brought me a whole new perception on those boring routine you hafta with yer new sneakers :P

I mean, i never thought of those lacing, could become an art ! I mean, look at these lacing,

That is just some of all the marvelous collection of Professor's Shoelace ^^

Hmm.. this could bring some fun again, for the weekend, revamping your shoelace ^^ especially for those who celebrate the Lunar New Year ;) when hunting 'hóng bāo' (紅包) ;)

Well, have a fresh new activity on this weekend everybody ^^

[via: sneakerfreaker]


Anthony Feint said...

This is what I love about this blog. You never know what you will write about next!!!

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