And A Year Goes By ...

Friday, April 20, 2007

So today i get older one year :P And this time lots of joyful things and presents too ^^

My loved one, my lovely girlfriend gave me this ^^

A Kingston 2GB USB storage :D just in time when i needed it the most ! Since my old one, which is only 128MB is gettin harder to detect, you hafta to touch it here and there, and find the correct position in order to make the computer detect it :P well i guess it was old :P i bought it on 2000 (almost 7 years) :P

But then my lovely girlfriend gave me a new one ! A SUPER DUPER TINY ONE ^^ hehe, and it's 2GB :D Thank you so much for this ^^

Another one is from my mom ^^ it arrived today to my office, and it's HUGE one ^^ you can saw see the comparison of the package size :P there's a cellphone, a mug, and a helmet for you to imagine the package size :P

2 days ago my mom phoned me, she said that she send me a package for my birthday, and to phone her if the package arrived. And it arrived today, and i hardly can't can hardly wait to open it up soon ^^ (i'm gonna open it when i'm goin back home later :P)

Every birthday comes with a joyful feeling :) best wishes come from friends through SMS, and IM :) windows are pop-in up :P and for this time, i don't get annoyed by it :P

So, i wanna thanks God, my Mom and Dad, my sisters, my lovely girlfriend (love u much), and all my friends ^^ (including all 'the bastards' :P) who send their feeling and wishes :)

And to you who celebrate a birthday on this day too

Image courtesy of Pinkcakebox

I wish to u and me A Happy Birthday ^^

Update: a little grammar update :P (thx to my gf) my grammar sucks :P


Aditya said...

Happy birthday m'man! :D Have a great year full of luck and love. My best wishes!

Efendi said...

thanks man :D

Deepak said...

Many many returns of the day!

Efendi said...

thanks deepak :)

Pasticciera said...

Buon Compleanno,
You always have the most eclectic posts. I love the cake... and many of your posts, many are over my head, but interesting all the same.

cyberbuff said...

Many happy returns of the day! :)

Efendi said...

@Pasticciera: marla, long time no see ^^ thank you ;) my girlfriend bought me a cake too :)

i'll post an update for it soon :D

@cyberbuff: thx man :)

teddY said...

Happy birthday Efendi! Haha XD may all your wishes come true! Anyway, I've never heard you mentioning about your girlfriend... well congratulations and all the happiness to you both! Oh and it is just so sweet for your mom to send you that gorgeous birthday present!

Cat said...

Happy Birthday,
it's a bit late but better late than never.
Happy Birthday to you~~~♪
Happy Birthday to you~~~♪
Happy Birthday to you~~~♪
Happy Birthday to Efendi ~~~♪
Happy Birthday to you~~~♫♪

Efendi said...

@teddY: hehe thanks man ^^

@Cat: Cat! thanks for the lovely song :)

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