Polar Clock

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pixelbreaker made a beautifull clock called Polar Clock. I'm stunned by the beautifull concept of a clock, not the same old boring analog or digital clock ! It was simply just beautiful !

And so, i searched for this Polar Clock terms, and i just knew it today, the definition of Polar Clock :P

a tube, containing a polarizing apparatus, turning on an axis parallel to that of the earth, and indicating the hour of the day on an hour circle, by being turned toward the plane of maximum polarization of the light of the sky, which is always 90° from the sun.

When the first version came out, the author released a screensaver version for it ! But a pity that it was only for Mac :P

But recently, due to the overwhelming request :P the author decided to made a PC version for the screensaver ;) isn't that sweet ^^

Guess what ? I'm using it as a screensaver now :P replacing that old pipes runnin round my screen :P


Aditya said...

I thought you said you were overworked or something? :P

How do you find this stuff! This is really pwetty! :D

Efendi said...

hi adit :) hehe.. i agree with you :D i love the simplicity ;) it's pretty ^^

just got back from vacation, i'm preparing all things here :D

so, there'll be more hiatus again :P

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