The New Hardest Riddle On The Net

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Antiriddle, claimed to be The New Hardest Riddle On The Net. Now, those line itself has made my spirit up. Is it so hard ? :D

The goal of the Antiriddle project is to not only entertain those who enjoy intellectual challenges, but also to teach a certain degree of computer literacy and to foster a sense of cooperation in solving an issue.

So, it seems that this is not limited only for geeks :P much similar to other riddle ;)

Another interesting things for this Antiriddle is that it accept submissions a.l.a The Antiriddle Content-Submission Competition ;)

And what's this submission do good for you ? Well, they said
The submitter that attracts the most visitors per month will receive $1 per 1000 visits (as much as the best web advertisers around!).

Interesting ^^

But then again, i prefer to beat this so called Hardest on the net ;D

And for some tips, this kinda thing that uses pictures have a meaning that you should pay some attention to the picture too ;) if you're stuck, there's a google search below, still stuck ? go to the forums :) still stuck again ? time to leave the riddle and come back again in the next 2 hours :D

Enjoy ^^

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