Color in Motion

Monday, April 16, 2007

Color in Motion is a beautiful flash by Claudia Cortes, that'll give us a basic knowledge of colors, including the personality of the color, the assosiation with real world, the attribute, and lots of other useful informations :)

This work was made as a Thesis for the Master of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics Design at Rochester Institute of Technology, 2003. And i just found this out 4 years later :P But still, it's worth learning ;)

The whole presentation are divided in 3 sections, which you can choose and have fun with :) Those are The Stars, The Movies, and The Lab

Each sections gives us a whole new way of understanding colors ;) by watching the movies, or by reading the personal attribute of the colors, even by taking a quiz, you can measure how much you understand the colors ;)

So, watch and learn ^^


teddY said...

Oh I watched this presentation before! Veerle linked it in her blog. Anyway I like the way how the colour theories are presented. Clear and concise, and most importantly, the navigation around the entire thing is sleek and elegant. I was so impressed when I first saw it!

Efendi said...

@teddY: oh so you watched it :) yeah it's so nice :) hehe... i already know it recently :)

ah.. veerle, no wonder she linked it :)

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