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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Continuing my previous post that mentioned fBlogger, here i gave you an update of fBlogger, this time i'll be continuing it using Flex ;)

So, until this point, here is where i've been :)


And for those who are curious, i got the data using php first, since Flash's SWF does not allowed to retrieve external data on cross-domain, this is due to the Flash's Sandbox policy (which is sucks :P)

Anyway, the data format that's been fetched using php is RSS, which is simple enough to parse in Flash, since it was an XML afterall :)

The link to post a comment will open in a new window, i'm planning to have it on the inside of the flash itself. But since i'm not very good at php, this might take a long time :P (have to learn about GET POST HTTP request etc. etc. in PHP).

So until then, enjoy the new fBlogger ^^

As usual, feedbacks are appreciated :D


Aditya said...

Wow! This is really nice :)
Well done! :)

Cyber-Buff said...

one more great work, effendi! :)

teddY said...

This is just so cool! Looks like you've really invested lots of effort in making it functional!

Well, about Flash sandbox policy, I think Macromedia implemented it at the first place is to preven malicious use of .swf files online to protect people from being hacked, phished and etc.

Efendi said...

@adit: thx ^^

@cyber-buff: thx dude ^^

@teddY: thx :) and yes, i believe it's the reason for those stupid sandbox :P hehe...

Happy Easter to everybody :)

BillyWarhol said...

very interesting*

i wanna do some Flash stuff + i'm curious about Adobe Apollo as swell*

I'm amazed how little info on the Software Products are on the Adobe Website - like Nothing on Features or stuff like that*

also very confusing what Products do what??

like do I need Director to Create stuff fer Flash?? is Flash the same as ShockWave???


Cheers!! Billy ;))


Efendi said...

hi Billy, welcome to zlythern :)

err, yeah, if you wanted to see the details of each features, it's a little hard to find

but overall, adobe gave the descriptions of each products quite good, you browse through each of 'em at the products menu ;)

Flash is different with ShockWave which is Director output :)

As for Apollo, it was meant to build an RIA with desktop application capability :)

well, those are only the nutshell :P best is to try em yerself ;)

MechanisM said...

Do you planning to share the source?

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