1st Day Work @ Singapore

Monday, June 18, 2007

18 June 2007 it is :) my 1st day working in Singapore :D
So much to learn, so much names to remember :P so much road to remember, so much ....
and so much anythin' else :P

This'll be a busy month for the 1st time :D But I guess I'm enjoying my new workplace here ^^

Thanks to everyone who has supported me, especially my friend Joseph ^^ (who took me like a cat, and give me a place to sleep :P)

And to all my readers, I'll try to spare some time in my first busy time, to keep you all entertained :D


Komirad said...

Welcome to Singapore :)

Avatar said...

great to know efendi, i am gald you finally landed well there.

congrats bro.

Efendi said...

@komirad: hi komirad ^^ welcome to zlythern :)

@Avatar: yoo ^^ gracias hermano :)

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