Tactics 100 Live

Friday, June 08, 2007

Create an army of 100 points and send that army into battle against other 100 point armies. Choose the army suited to your fighting style. This is a fair fight and the winner can only be determinde by who has the most skill.

Well, this is a nice Flash Game, which should be enough to spend your weekend at home ;)

In Tactics 100 Live, you'll be given 100 points in which you can spend it to buy units, and then pit them against CPU or another player ;) yes, this thing support multiplayer ;)

There are 4 Units, which you can choose ;) Knight, Ranger, Mage, Cleric, all of it was a common element in a world of games :D

After that, you can choose your strategy, by putting the units, arranging them so they bring the most effective movements, and attacks, plus you can choose some attributes like the floor background, or the color of the suits too ;)

After that, it's time to test out your strategy and tactics, see if you can win ;)

The way you attack affects the outcome, you can attack from high ground, at point blank range, from behind your enemies and many others. Use this to your advantage against your opponent.

Tactics 100 Live can be downloaded too ;) check out on their page, nice if you wanted to practice first at home ;)

Well then, have a nice weekend everybody ^^

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