Saturday, June 16, 2007

MyLiveSignature offers the services of creating and animating personal signatures. You can use it to easily create your own signature using a set of templates or to allow our designers to create your handwritten signature based on a scanned image. At the same time, our animators will give you the true impression that you sign your message with your own hand in real time.

This is a pretty nice service that offers you to animate your hand signature ;) They offer 2 services.

One is, Using the signature creation wizard, and second is, Using a scanned image.

Actually the best feature is the second one ;) which they claimed to
breathe life into your signature

But the service will cost you a little bit ;) ranging from $10 to $20. But well, since it cost me quite much, I choose another option :P the first service.

With the first service, you'll get a decent nice looking font for your name ;) Such as below :D And YES! They also provided you with all the HTML code, and the option to add a closing line, your address, email, telephone, fax, etc. ;)

Best regards,
All of the above comes, with 5 easy steps ;)
  • Step 1. Enter the name
  • Step 2. Select the font
  • Step 3. Select the size
  • Step 4. Select the color
  • Step 5. Set the slope

You can choose from 100++ fonts, various size and color too ;)

After that you'll get this nice lookin' name ;) With the Signature ID.

Now you better wrote your ID, cause you can do much later with it ;) You can either download it, or maybe you wanted to generate another code with it, in case you changed address or somethin' :D

Quite handy right ;)

Well, then, I bid you farewell for now, and have a pleasant weekend ^^


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