Universal Leonardo

Monday, June 04, 2007

Universal Leonardo is a programme aimed at deepening our understanding of Leonardo da Vinci through a series of European exhibitions (2006), scientific research and web-based resources.

Universal Leonardo presents a series of linked European exhibitions, some of which are informed by scientific investigations, that reveal new dimensions in the legacy of the greatest visual thinker of all time.

Leonardo da Vinci is a great thinker. With this Universal Leonardo we can Explore the trails on the right to find out how in Leonardo's view of the world, all things are interconnected - the motion of water and the curling of hair, the human body and the mechanisms of machines, the geometrical rules that govern man, animals and all of nature.

There are 8 beautiful trails which you can follow and get some of the essence of Leonardo da Vinci ^^

Rule of Mathematics
Remaking Nature
Light and Vision
Imagination and Invention
The Natural World
The Body of Man
Forces of Nature
The Body of Earth

From flights of fancy to making monsters, Leonardo simply had to know how the universe worked. His various attempts to discover the truth reveal much about this remarkable man and provide the inspiration for all of us to have fun with ;)

"Did you know that Leonardo used to pull wings off insects?"

"Was Leonardo getting up to something sinister with his mirror writing?"

"Can humans fly like birds?"

"Did Leonardo have a serious case of the blues?"

"What was Leonardo up to when he went on the pull?"

"Would Leonardo have been a television addict?"

Find out more interesting stuffs on the Play section ;)

Have a refreshing, thoughtful mind for the start of the week ;)


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