Blogger: Feeds are Sorted Correctly

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blogger Feeds are now sorted correctly as in the way we always wanted (and it should be).

As always, the news come from phydeaux3 - Blogger Feeds Now Sorted by Published Date ^^ a blogger i respected so much :)

So, from now onwards, your feed will be sorted by published date, instead of the updated date ;) This is quite a breeze ain't it ;)

Before, Blogger offers a solution for this, by using some parameter to the feed url. But now, i think they ought to listen to the majority :D

And if you have changed your feed's url, then no need to worry, since it won't effect much.
The only thing you need to consider is, if you wanted the feeds to display as the original Blogger feed's behaviour, which is sorting based on your updated date, then just change the orderby parameter and set it to become like this


So, again, great work Blogger ^^

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