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Saturday, January 13, 2007

If you learned something new, there will be something that'll bother you. For me it was the Old Blogger's Conditional Tag !

With the Old Blogger's Conditional Tag you can use it to it's full extent, something as Custom View Using Blogger Tag ;)

When first i learned about those tags, and understand it, i found it really useful if you wanted to play along, especially with some flow on how your blog will be.

But on the New Blogger ! Those tags are not exists anymore ! Blogger give us widgets for these, and provided the pageType attributes too, which i think was for somekind of substitute for the Conditional Tags.

pageType - (Optional) Can be "all," "archive," "main," or "item," with "all" as the default. The widget will only display on the designated pages of your blog. (All widgets display on the Page Elements tab, regardless of thier pageType.)

But for me this is USELESS ! I can't see the advantage of using this ! Even the phydeaux3 the Bleet said something about this too !

And to make it even worse ! The value of those pageType are different in the other Blogger's Help Page !!
pageType: The type of the current page. One of 'item', 'archive', or 'index'.

One says 'all' the other says 'index' ????!!!!! DAMN ! And i've been trying the 'all' value !

You see on another point of view, with the absence of the Conditional Tags for the New Blogger (i mean if you used the new Layout and Template of course) is that you CAN'T play with the post's comments anymore on the MAIN page anymore ! (or should i say INDEX page ?!)

If you look at the help page, it says like this:
comments: A list of all comments for this post (on item pages only).

So we CAN'T do the FAMOUS PEEK-A-BOO again on the MAIN / INDEX page ANYMORE ! It was such a pity given that the very first peek-a-boo of blogger says:
Here we want to remove the tags so that the comments will be available on all pages.

But not that it's imposibble, it's DOABLE, but you have to tweak it, and it's using JAVASCRIPT HEAVILY ! The method is to get the data using JSON which in this case is the comments feed for that post, and display it.

So, users with javascripts disabled will not be getting those comments, and it's some of my concerns, coz i know from my stats that are quite many users that came here are having the javascripts disabled.



Why do we hafta do all things with javascript ?! Not all bloggers have the knowledge of this! It's already HARD ENOUGH understanding your new TAGS (with limited documentation and samples)!


Brice said...

hey, I have a question. Where did you get your template / theme from? If you made it yourself (you seem capable), were there any tutorials on the web that were helpful to you? (Hopefully they deal with the new blogger). Just comment back with your answer. Thanks, and keep up the good work on the blog.

Efendi said...

hello brice, welcome to zlythern ^^

for the current design, i got the template from

i have tried to design it myself too back then ;)

well, basically i took the layout for the template and re-edit the whole design, and styling on CSS ;)

as for more layout - ing technique for CSS i learned it from here :

hope it helps ;)

Kate said...

Hi! Its Kate. Thanks for dropping by my blog
Cool blog you got here, love the template. I am having trouble grasping the new blogger, just sticking to the old one.

Efendi said...

hi kate, thanks :) i'm in a process of learning the new blogger myself ;) i'll share some knowledge after i finally understand it ;)

so stay tuned :)

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