Feels Good to be Back ^^

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I've been out of town, out of work, out of the internet for the last 5 days. And it sure feels good to be back here :)

Since it's a national holiday day on the Sunday, so i took the chance to go home to my hometown :) and to actually extend my expired driver license :P

Anyway, 5 days is a long looong time without a computer, and an internet. My feeds are flowing over out of control ! I guess there's about 600++ :P

In a while, let me give you some peek, of my work lately with Flash ;) for this moment i called it fBlogger :P if you have a better suggestions, drop it ;) .. hm.. maybe we should have a poll :P

Enjoy ^^ and share your thoughts about it ;)


Aditya said...

Good to have you back! :D I noticed the silence.

That's some interesting flash work there. But can you make it pull two feeds -- posts, and the comments one (regexed out of the first 'tag' field), and display both?

If you can, I have an interesting idea that could work rather well... :)

Efendi said...

hehe ^^

it was actually using the same technique as in Ramani's using the feeds for posts, but instead of returning it via JSON, i simply use it in raw (XML) since Flash is pretty much handy in handling those ;)

plus, users with javascript disabled, will still be able to have the data ;)

to sum up, yes, i can make it to pull both feeds ;) and am planning to do so :)

Random Good Stuff said...

You managed 5 days without internet? How did you do that? I get nervous already after 24hours ;)

Good to see you back

Efendi said...

yo vince ^^ hehe.. i almost died :P

thx for droppin m8 :)

teddY said...

Woah I thought you were on a hiatus! Scared the hell out of me! Anyway sorry for not commenting lately because of my busy test schedule... but at least I read your posts XD

Anyway the fblogger concept is really cool! How did you manage to do that? What an awesome feat... it is a really noble idea! It's so good you don't need a poll :P

Efendi said...

yo teddY ^^ hehe.. no worries there, i know you always read ;)

as for the fBlogger, thx man :) i still have some ideas in mind about it ;)

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